Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Bored!

How can a 5 year old in this day in age be bored??? What in the world? Jagger has proclaimed that he is bored more in the last two weeks than I can handle! I remember growing up saying, "I'm bored" and what did my mom say...."You don't know what bored is!" well guess what???? I'm pretty sure the last few times Jagger has said this I have looked around the room to see if my mom was standing around because the words, "You don't know what bored is" came out! I even went to the extreme to say.... Do you have tv? Do you have toys? Do you have books? do you have an ipad? do you have a ds? and of course the answer was yes to all these and my response... "Exactly you are not bored. Victor (the child we sponsor through Compassion) is bored..He can be bored! You can't!"  Ok maybe I went alittle extreme on him but I just think the cold weather and being cooped up is getting to us!
I do feel kind of bad for Jagger because ever since the whole St. Louis ordeal he has been a different child. He is so clingy and will not let us get out of his sight. He won't even go to the bathroom by himself. He goes into this crazy panic attack thing. It really scares me at times and stresses me out! Our days are tough because Jagger will not even sit down to watch a tv show while I am trying to get Hudson down for a nap. There are even days I get Hudson asleep and Jagger is right on top of me while I am rocking him...It wakes Hudson up. He is crying..Jagger is crying ...I am crying! Never a good moment in our house! ;) I am pretty sure Matthew has walked in the door and turned around and walked out! But on a serious note please keep Jagger in your prayers. I really hope we can work this out and he will get over it! It is tough as a mom trying to give myself to both of them at the same time and make both happy!
I do think now that Hudson got a good report at the doctor we are going to all start getting out more....With it being cold it is hard to find things to do inside but next week we are going to have things planned to do! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated???

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