Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Blues

Winter blues- and I am not talking about gorgeous winter blue colors! No I am talking about Winter blues....seasonal depression...This is something that many people go through and may not even realize it! I think it has hit our family with full force! We have all been crabby and just down in the dumps! I truly believe its because of this nasty winter weather! We are literally counting down the days until warm weather! If we have another snow day or another out break of sickness, I am going to pull all my hair out and run away- Just kidding! But really I am so excited about spring and summer! We will finally be able to get out and about! I have a feeling we will be doing something everyday because we have been stuck in this house so much!
I have been looking at our calender and the spring and summer are already filling up and I can't hardly wait! We have a wedding in March on the beach!!! YAY! Then we have all of Jagger's preschool stuff- Medieval day, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Preschool Circus and Preschool Graduation. Then he will also start Coach pitch ball and then in May we will start Swim Team! He has been asking me everyday when swim team starts! In May we also have my sister in laws graduation from pharmacy school! This will be fun because we will have to travel for it will be another weekend getaway!
(GGGRRRRR!!! I just looked up from the computer and guess what??? SNOW!! Its snowing again! What in the world! I won't pull my hair out just yet!)
So on a happier note- we went to St. Louis on Friday and the doctors said Hudson is awesome! He is doing so well. They just continued to brag on how great he is! They just could not believe how awesome he is for what he has been through! He is a true miracle! Matthew and I have talked about Hudson's future and what God has in store for him! We just know it is going to be something amazing! He will have such a story to tell..
Hudson is doing awesome, Jagger is hysterical/awesome and then at times going through some sort of 5 year old "terrible two" (not quite sure what is going on with this!), Matthew is great and I am super! I can't complain and I guess on the days that Winter blues has me, I need to sit back and thank God that we have each other and we are all doing super!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love

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