Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day! A day that brings out all the flowers, balloons, candy, teddy bears, hearts and all the other goodies the stores are filled with! Last night I ran into to Wal-Mart to grab a few things....MISTAKE!! It was like Black Friday! I just stood there for a minute and watched people going crazy grabbing whatever candy, and cards where left on the shelf to give their special someone! I felt sorry for these people because they waited too long and everything was picked over and then I felt sorry for myself for putting myself in that place to deal with all the madness!
We have had a great Valentine's Day already! The morning started out super. It was actually the first day I have not felt horrible in several weeks! I went to the doctor yesterday(imagine that! One of us at the doctor? Shocker huh?) and he said I was still dealing with a sinus infection! I have been getting them so bad in the last year I am going to have to go see a specialist! anyways enough about sickness....I got up early this morning feeling great! I made myself a wonderful cup of coffee then went to God! I love these times of the morning..I feel like its the only time I am calm and can just relax! Everyone is asleep and I can just relax in his presence! Once I finished quite time I made heart cinnamon rolls! They turned out really cute! Not that I did anything super hard...just a can of cinnamon rolls and a cookie cutter :) Jagger woke up and found his Valentine Surprise waiting on the coffee table - playdough, Robin Hood Dvd and a Reese's heart! What could be better!? Hope he doesn't expect mornings like this all time! We got the morning going, ate breakfast, got ready for school with no drama, and both boys (jagger/matthew) out the door on time! After the two big boys left for work and school Hudson and I decided to take a little nap together! I enjoyed the cuddle time! I woke up from the nap to find a beautiful bouquet of roses and a massage! SOMEONE knows me well and knows this momma needs some relaxation time! Woooohooo so looking forward to a massage!
Jagger came home from school all excited about his valentine party! I loved looking at all his valentine cards! so sweet!!! I feel so blessed to have 3 very special Valentine's in my life!
on a different subject- I am starting a new challenge for myself!! This will be interesting and I really hope I can stick to it! I was in my quite time the last few days and have felt on my heart it is time to "heart"/mind check with myself! I have found myself lately really spending too much time on the internet...Not that I spend hours a day or anything but its so easy these days to pick up the Iphone or Ipad and instantly be on Instagram looking a pictures or Facebook....When I am constantly looking at all this I find myself getting the wants...I find that I am not feeling blessed about what I have and concentrating on what we have. I look at others things and say, "oooo" I want that or "ooo" I would love to have that..I am tired of this and then all these clothing stores I follow that post all these clothes every 2 minutes.. Guess what? I want them all! I am just tired of all this constantly in my face! I want to strictly focus on God and what God has given me! I am going to be giving myself a big break from all social media! It is already deleted off of my phone! and I will be deleting it off of the Ipad. I think this will truly help during my down time to spend time with God or focus on my sweet family or possibly even time to get my laundry done!
I hope I do not sound crazy for all of this but I do think at times we can get so caught up in what others have or are doing we forget what God has for us! maybe not we but me! I am going to keep blogging for sure and will post it to facebook but that is it!! SO keep me in your prayers that I can stick to it! I know God has great things in store for myself and my family!
Well I am going to have a hot date with my hubby I guess I had better get off here and get some stuff done!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Valentine Day!
Lots of love

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