Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm Sorry! You may be wondering why in the world I am saying I'm sorry! Well.....Last night I just happened to look over the last few posts and the last several things I have posted on Facebook, and it dawned on me how whiny and ridiculous I sound. All I have put and posted is how sick of winter I am, how sick of being inside I am, blah blah blah! I am sick of it but I feel that instead of complaining like I have been I should be rejoicing that I am able to be with my boys at home! I know there are many of you who would give anything to be able to stay at home everyday with your babies! and this is why I am sorry! I have not been grateful for something that many would love to have! I feel as though I have been stuck in this pity party rut when it could be worse! I look around this morning and can't believe all the blessings in my life! I thank God that I have Hudson and that he is even here with me! I thank God that I have Jagger and his boredom! God has given me the job of being a stay at home mom! I truly believe at this time this is my ministry! We all have ministries and jobs and this is mine! I do feel that I have not been giving my boys and husband the best of me! It hurts my heart that for the last few weeks they have gotten someone I am not happy with. I look back and these are days I can not get back! If you have read my blog since the beginning and even if you haven't some of you may know that I struggled with depression. This was a very hard time in my life because it was something I did not not want to face! How could I be depressed? I have since found out that many people go through this and again like me don't want to talk about it or face it! I honestly think this makes the situation worse! I went into this because I do feel I have started showing signs of slipping back into depression. I am not going to let myself or my family go through it again! I am very happy that I have recognized whats going on and I am taking care of it instead of last time letting it go until it was bad! I know with God on my side I am going to be ok!
Well its time for me to get off here and spend time with these sweet boys! and check the yummy roast I am smelling - more on that next time! ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed day! Enjoy the sunshine!
Lots of love

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