Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday Recap!

Yesterday was the hubs birthday and we all know that no birthday is complete without a "party"!!! I figured the easiest way to party for us would be a breakfast party!! I had it all put together so it was kind of a surprise party!!  The cake was Matthew's favorite: Causbie's (for those of you not from here, it is our bakery!!) chocolate donuts!! complete with candles, milk, and presents!! ;)

Jagger was so almost more excited than Matthew!! What can I say, we like any excuse to have a party!! Over all it was a great Birthday Breakfast!!
 After the breakfast things got a little crazy!! Hudson had ran fever all night the night before and not just 100 ....not it was up there  102-103...I normally don't stress over things but this is high even for me! and then I knew in the back of my mind everyone was talking about the blizzard that was heading our way! I had already heard that school was probably going to be letting out early!! What should be do?? My main concern was not taking him to the doctor, he got worse and we were snowed in!! 30 minutes later my Father -in-law was at the house, helping us load up to make the 1 hour drive to the doctor!! I had not even called to let them know we were coming. Our main goal was to get there and back home before it got bad!!
 Hudson would not let go of Pa Cp while we at the doctor!!
 While there Hudson tried to show the nurses and doctors that he was not happy about being there! The nurse gave us some medicine to give him because his fever was so high! He kept looking at the nurse and telling her no! I was trying to give him the medicine and he would just spit it out! It was horrible...we finally gave up! This was the mess he made with the medicine...
 They ran every test on him and everything came back great! The doctor was not sure what in the world was causing the high fever! He said it is probably just a virus and to treat the symptoms...lots of fluids and rotate motrin and tylenol!   I was relived that it was nothing but then frustrated we couldn't pin point it!!  So we got back in the car and made the hour drive back home!! Lots of rain on the way home....I really had thought that it would have already been snowing!  The rest of the day was spent cuddling, watching cartoons, and looking out the window to see if it was snowing!! and finally around 2 it started!! Tons of sleet!!!
 This was around was really coming down!!

 The rest of the night was spent eating, watching tractors on ipad, eating, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the old one-1991), eating, reading the bible, and finally sleep! :)

the last words out of Jagger's mouth last night was, " I think I am going to sleep in tomorrow"....... 6:30am this morning he was wide awake so excited about the snow!!! I was shocked to see how much we had got! It is beautiful!! Wow!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!! Stay warm and safe!
Lots of love...


  1. What a great idea for the birthday party in the morning.. definitely remembering that one! I hate being out in the snow too.. smart move to just head to the doctor without calling! Glad all was okay! The snow just hit us around 6am so snow day here is today!

  2. I have really gotten to where I do a lot of "breakfast" parties!! Seems to be a time we are all together and its a great way to get the day going!! I am so sick of snow...I just heard that we got 14 inches here!! :)

  3. A breakfast birthday party is genius. I had never thought of that! I am keeping that in mind for future birthdays...except mine. let me sleep in on my birthday! :)

    Jack had a similar virus a few weeks ago. 103.5 temp, sore throat, aches, the works. He had every symptom of strep and the flu but tested negative for both. I was relived but frustrated as well. Hope he is feeling better this morning! xo!

    1. Birthday Breakfast or any holiday breakfast is fun!! You should totally try it! is so frustrating because I want to know what is wrong! but I guess I should just be grateful everything came back ok! Could always be worse! ;)

  4. Awww...I hope your boy is feeling better!