Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Birthday and What I am Wearing!!!

I am a little bummed right now because in a few hours we are suppose to get another HUGE snow store...They are predicting that roads will be shut down. Many schools in the area have already closed!! Crazy! and my Hudson has ran fever through the night. So since Winter Storm #23578 (I know its only #2 but it feels like we have had a ton!) is within hours of hitting us, I am having to hurry and try to get Hudson to the doctor before it gets bad!! I am a little stressed right now! ;) but on a happy note, today is the hubs birthday!!! 
 Isn't he handsome??? Oh my!!! He gives me butterflies!!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear hubby. Happy Birthday to you!! I love you Matthew and I hope you have the best day ever!! 

What I am Wearing!!! Here is what has been going on in my closet the last week!! I was super pumped to finally get out of sweats!!! 
I love this top!! I call it tye die and I am not sure if that is the right term, but we will use it! It is a thin weight, and oh so comfy!! I put it on with boots, and Akola project necklace!!! 

This was just a teal chiffon blouse that I threw on with brown boots, and gold jewelry!! I love the long length of it. I could possibly get by with wearing leggings with it!! I need a fur vest because I think it would be cute over this!! ;)
I love buffalo plaid!! I decided to wear it with a red vest, and statement necklace!! I really liked this look!! vest again!! I have hardly worn this vest all year and then decided to wear it out in a week!! This was a black turtleneck, leopard belt, brown boots, red vest, and statement necklace!!
Church on Sunday consisted of my one black dress for winter!! For some reason my closet is lacking in dresses for winter???    OH well...its almost spring!     Anywhoo, I put on the black dress with brown boots, brown belt and leopard scarf!!! I love me some black and brown!! ;) 
Well that is all I have for you today!! I pray everyone stays warm and safe over the next few days! (I keep thinking they got the forecast wrong! This is all a joke right??)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love...


  1. We’re getting that winter storm tonight into tomorrow and I’m so hoping it’s the last one!! Enough is enough!
    Love the red vest with the plaid!
    And Happy Birthday to your hubby; enjoy celebrating!!

  2. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon!
    It is snowing like crazy here! Staywarm!!
    Happy birthday to the hubster! :)
    And I love that red vest! :)

  3. Hope you guys are able to hunker down and get some snuggles in tonight! Hopefully this will be the last really big cold blast. Loving your church outfit and my red vest is my favorite too.

  4. Love ALL your outfits! Can I raid your closet? Happy birthday to your hubby :) Have a fun celebration! And yes, I'm crying over the influx of cold weather & possibly more sleet/freezing was 74 and sunny here yesterday.

  5. Happy late Birthday to your hubby! And I hope your little one is feeling better! Teal is a great color for you and I'm digging the red vest. Again, must make better effort to get out of jammies next week ;)