Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: Snowmaggedon!!

Here we are another Friday and guess what??? another snow day!!! I have heard several different things about how much snow we got, but it is somewhere between 11-14 inches!!! Holy Moly!!! That is a lot of snow! ;) I am beyond ready for spring! I need some flowers and green grass!!
Since it is Friday, I am linking up with these three lovely ladies to tell you what my favorites are from the week: AndreaErika, and Narci!!

Jagger moment:  Here lately Jagger has gotten into dancing!! and it cracks me up!! He is basically kicking and jumping everywhere, but we will call it dancing!!  He has been performing for us every chance he can get!! I get so tickled I can hardly contain myself!! Where do kids learn this stuff????? :)

Hudson moment:  Hudson has learned that he likes the Ipad!! He loves to watch Tractor videos on youtube! and if you have not downloaded the youtube kids app...stop what you are doing and download it now!! I heard about it on KLove and it is awesome!! I don't have to constantly watch and worry that my kids are going to stumble on to something inappropriate.. youtube scares me but this kids thing is so cool!!

I have also enjoyed the extra cuddle time with this boy!! He has not felt good the last few days so we have got to spend a little more time being lazy!!

and yes that is pizza on the end of his nose!!! He finally ate something after two days!! Pizza was his choice!!

Family moment:   The hubs surprise birthday breakfast!! I loved getting to do the birthday breakfast! It was a success....I am thinking the next "breakfast party" will be St. Patricks day!! Green milk, lucky charms, etc!!

oh and then I did happen to walk in on this and it completely melted my heart!!
So happy they love each other! and no they are not naked...just one in a diaper and one in undies! ;)

Favorite outfit: Well considering we had snowmaggedon again, I really only dressed up on Sunday for church!! I am so so loving black and brown together..maybe it's because I feel like such a rebel!! It goes against all the ways I black and white shoes before sandals after Labor Day....

Favorite snack: since Operation Lose Weight has been going on for a few weeks, I have really been trying to cut back! I have lost some weight but still have more to go!! One of my favorite afternoon snacks are these apple slices with either caramel or yogurt!! Its the perfect 100 calorie snack!!

Favorite "random": Yesterday I decided it was time to de-clutter and clean out some things!!! I managed to clean out my side of the closet and the linen closet!! I was beyond excited with the give away pile! If it was not worn or used in the last year, out the door!!! ;)
 Get rid of pile!! woohooo!!

Favorite meme/ecard: I love me some memes!!! I get so tickled at these crazy things!!! My best friend, Heather and I will text each other several during the day!! and then my LLBFF, Jenny cracks me up because she might love them as much as I do!! :)

Well, my friends that's all I have for you today!! Stay warm and safe!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. I love your get rid pile :) Doesn't it feel amazing!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!!
    Happy Friday

  2. Those Apple and caramel snacks are my favorite. And you always look adorable in your cute outfits. Have a great weekend

  3. I love your leopard scarf! Crazy that other than some spring scarves, scarf season is almost over! I can’t wait until operation loose weight is done for me, I want all the good foods and it’s hard to pass them up! Apples are a favorite go to snack of mine too! I can’t wait to organize our closet soon and get out all those bright colors for spring! It’s great to have a big give away pile like that!

  4. Your closet looks great! I'm so in the mood for some spring cleaning this weekend!

  5. Oh my gosh--the meme's are awesome!!!! I'm totally having depresso this afternoon. I so have to do a "get rid of pile" for my closet. It's a wreck and there's so many things I don't wear. And congrats on the weight loss--little steps, you got this! Me, just staying away from the Oreos #struggleisreal #dietingsucks #whycantijustbefatandhappy. Happy Friday Chica! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  6. I love every inch of this post! Those boys are so sweet! My little man has started breaking it down with his sissy before bed. I turn up the tunes and we get the last minute energy out. That outfit rocked so much!!! Love it. You can send your get rid of clothes to me....just email me for my address LOL ok not kidding! Have a fabulous weekend pretty girl!

  7. Whoa, that's a lot of snow! Stay warm!!! Stopping by from the linkup. Have a great weekend!