Thursday, March 12, 2015


* Scandal is sucking the life out of me!! I decided to give it a whirl and OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am on season 3 and I can't stop! I walk around the house eating, sleeping, and thinking about Olivia Pope and the President! Crazy, crazy, crazy!!

*Sunshine= Instant Happiness!!!! I am beyond thrilled to see the sunshine outside! The kids played outside for almost 3 hours yesterday!

*I hate trying to lose weight! Can I just invent a skinny pill??? A pill so we can eat anything and stay skinny!! Sounds great to me!

*Easter is only a few weeks away!! I need to get busy buying outfits, dresses, and basket stuff!

*I started a cleaning schedule last week and I LOVE it!! My house has basically stayed clean! I like that I do a little each day instead of cramming it all in on Saturday!

*I really need a pedicure!

*Our people's cat had kittens the other night and Jagger is obsessed!! I had never been around kittens just born, but it is amazing how they have their eyes closed and still try to find their mamma! It is so sweet! Jagger loved them. Hudson didn't really know what to think of them??  and no this does not mean we are going to end up with a cat! Heather, please remember that!! :)

*I have gone 3 weeks without buying any new clothes!!! Yesterday, I almost broke...I wanted to order 3 new tops SO bad, but I talked myself out of it..I still want to buy them but I am holding on strong! or at least trying to! ;) Tell me I don't need them!

*A few days ago I started a 31 bags, 31 days challenge. You get rid of a bag a day. Each day is a different area of the home. I am actually doing a great job. It feels so good to get rid of junk laying around the house!!

*Hudson has gotten to where when we pray, he will say Amen!! It is precious!! I love that my boys are learning about prayer and how important it is!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love..


  1. Alrighty, I haven't got in on the Scandal thing yet but I feel like I'll be watching it this summer (hello Netflix). Yes ma'am spring around the corner is fab-u-lous. I'm gonna be cleaning my house from top to bottom today, I tried a schedule and failed epically. Boo me. Way to go on not buying anything.....this weekend I plan to do a lot of spending damage. You're gorgeous and I want you to have a great day!

  2. These Scandal meme's are the absolute best! And oh so true! #truth You are definitely my meme soul sister :) And can I get an Amen on the losing weight and call for skinny pill--come on people, somebody has to be working on it out there somewhere! I love the 31 bags idea--I just started Financial Peace University yesterday (oh, why did God call me there?) to learn to better budget and obviously buying new things (Target will definitely miss me) is off the list. Happy Thursday! Glad y'all are seeing some sunshine and warmer temps!

  3. I started watching Scandal at the beginning of the current season and after 2 episodes I knew I had to stop and "catch up" on the previous seasons...still on my to do list! And look amazing....stop worrying about losing weight and just focus on being healthy. And you go....I'm trying so hard not to buy anything else until I at least get my dang spring clothes down and evaluate. I know the one thing I need most is SHOES!!

  4. That first image for Scandal had me laughing....way too hard. The struggle is so real though!
    The sunshine around here has been glorious too. I love it.

  5. I gave up on Scandal halfway through Season 1. I feel like the only person in the world that doesn't love it.

    And...about those tops? You totally need them! 😈

  6. Hello! New follower here. Just curious if you would mind sharing your cleaning routine. I've resumed cleaning our home and after years of having a cleaning service, I don't feel as though I can get a handle on it. It's driving the germaphobe in me nuts :)