Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let's All Go To The Movies!

When I think of my childhood one thing that pops in my head is movies!! My mom and I LOVED movies! Every Friday night we would go to Hastings and rent enough movies to watch all weekend!! Mom would rent her movies, I would rent some or we would pick them out together! (I miss renting movies like this! Our kids have no idea what they are missing)

Then we would pick up Chinese take out, or whatever else sounded good and head to the house! Not only did we rent movies but we loved going to the theater! The last couple of years my movie watching has kind of slowed down, but we do try to watch them when we can! The last week I have watched more movies than I have in 6 months! So I wanted to share my thoughts....

*Friday night I joined Heather and her family to watch Cinderella! I have been so excited about this since I saw the preview! It was awesome!! Now do I think it was for little girl? No not really..from what I could tell in the theater most little, little girls were bored within the first 15 minutes of the movie! but as an adult, I LOVED it!! Great job Disney!

*Exodus: Gods and Kings-   Matthew and I watched this movie the other day and thought it was great! I loved seeing the story of Moses come to life. Now there were a few parts that I thought were strange, but overall we enjoyed it!

*Annie: I wasn't sure if we would like this movie, but had heard great things about it. I let Jagger watch it with us and we ended up LOVING it! It was such a cute movie! I almost liked it as much as the original! Cameron Diaz is a great Ms. Hannigan! At one point in the movie, Jagger started crying saying he wanted us to adopt!! I love my sweet boy and his big heart!

* The Theory of Everything: Honestly I wasn't sure what this movie was about when I rented it, but thought I had remembered the preview and it looked good! Yesterday during Hudson's therapy and nap I watched it..It  is about Stephen Hawking, and his life. There were a couple of times I got bored, but it was interesting to see his life and how we lived with Lou Gehrigs disease.

So, have you watched any good movies lately???
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. Oh how fun renting movies used to be!! My gosh, hard to believe that’s not around anymore! I loved Cinderella!! But totally agree on it being not as entertaining for children! Those glass slippers though!!

  2. I am taking my daughter to see CInderella next week. I hope she's ok with it since you said its not for little girls. OH well, maybe I'll enjoy it!

  3. I have the best memories of heading to our local video store to not only rent movies...but girl...we rented the VCR too!! It was a big deal on the weekends for us. I rented lots of movies with my big kids too but we just don't seem to watch movies much with the littles....or I don't sit down long enough unless I actually go to the movies. Annie was the last movie I've been to and I thought it was adorable! Hope to see Cinderella on Friday when I am off half a day!

  4. We almost never make it to the movie theaters, but I've heard good things about Cinderella. I'm glad you liked it! I think the last 'new' movie we saw was when we rented Maleficent some time after Christmas :-/ That's another great Disney live-action movie.

  5. Yeah....it's sad how things change over time. I miss going to Blockbuster and picking out movies as a family.