Sunday, September 27, 2015

Off Track!

Do you ever feel off track? Just like things are "not right"! I can't explain this, but every once in awhile I feel like God is tugging at my heart saying that I am "off track". Wake up Megan, let's get back on track!
Let me explain my "off track". There are several big red flags that go up when I know that I am losing focus...
*my patience level starts getting shorter and shorter. Things that typically don't bother me, start to bother me. I get antsy sooner than normal. I start losing patience with my kids and husband. I hate this feeling because I feel like I can't relax.
*Constantly looking at stuff to buy! I know this sounds strange, and I hope it doesn't make me less of a person, but I don't feel content. I have always been an emotional shopper. When I don't feel good or are feeling stress instead of eating, I shop. Why do I need more jeans when I have a closet full? Why am I looking at newer cars when mine is perfectly fine? Why do I need "things" to fill our home when we have too much? You get it..... I am looking for a fix in material things!
*Shorter temper- I already have a short temper but during this time it gets shorter. This is such a bad thing and I hate feeling like this. Again, things that normally don't bother me start to bother me.
*Quiet time/bible study gets put on the back burner- The time that I spend with God gets replaced with other things...facebook, tv, reading, etc. This is huge for me because I love my quiet time! I am human and there are times other things get in the way. It truly becomes a problem when it starts to become a habit!
So...With all this being said, the last few weeks I have been dealing with these things. I have felt out of control .This morning during my quiet time, I cried out to HIM that I have had enough. I am tired of this and I can't do it without HIM. Instantly I felt in heart, him saying, "You know what to do." and yes I do. Time to put down things and get back "on track". For me this means stepping away from the things of this world. Getting rid of facebook again (deleting it from my phone), no instagram, no pinterest, no tv shows, just me, HIM, and my family! (I will continue blogging, and it does automatically post to facebook when I publish the post, so you will be seeing blog posts!)
 If it does not benefit His kingdom I don't want anything to do with it. How long will this go on? I am not sure. I will let Him show me. Is this for everyone? I am not sure. I know it is a personal things for me. I am not going to live my life full of negativity and constantly running around in circles for things that are temporary. I want my eyes fully on Him. I want to be better. I want more than this world can provide!

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