Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Day In My Life!

I love knowing how other people spend their day! I like to see how they spend their time. How they fit everything into one, single day!! Here is how I do it...

4:45 -5:00 am (alarm goes off) Some days I do hop out of bed at 4:45. Other days it is 5!

5:00-5:15 - shower!
5:15-5:30- dry hair
5:30-5:50- straighten hair!! I know I am crazy!
5:50-6:15- Bible study/ quite time
*I always have laundry going during this time. Either a load goes in the washer or is going in dryer..I like to get at least one load completely finished in the morning..
6:15-6:30- fix lunches and unload dish washer
6:30 - first attempt to get boys up! I do like to move Jagger to the couch so he can start waking up!
6:45- clothes on, make up on,  beds made
7:00-put up clothes from laundry and get boys dressed
7:30- leave house (this is the time that has been a complete nightmare for us, BUT yesterday we made HUGE progress!) NO screaming, kicking, yelling, crying...it was a true answered prayer!
7:45- get to work!!!
7:50- Walk to office and wait on my kiddos to get off bus!!
11:40-12:10- lunch!!!! I love lunch..I use this time to do a short bible study, prayer, read, or just breathe!!!
3:20- kiddos from class back on bus! ;)
3:35- pick up Hudson
3:40- pick up Jagger
4:00 -HOME!   Let Hank out, check mail, change clothes
*depending on what night it is determines when I start supper! My family likes to eat early because we are starving. Jagger is so hungry when he gets home so I don't want him filling up on snacky stuff. Most nights I get supper started around 4:15, so we can eat 5:00-5:30
5:00-5:30 eat supper, if possible   (I do plan my meals for the week! I do ALL of my grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon that way I do not go to the store in the middle of the week!)
6:00- homework! During this time, Matthew will take Hudson to do something so Jagger can focus on homework..
6:30 - errands if needed (sometimes we need to run something to someones house or take the trash to the farm...we do it during this time!), chore of the day! Monday: bathrooms,  Tuesday: Dust, Wednesday: Vacuum, Thursday: Mop    Friday: rotate deep cleaning
7:30- Bathtime!!
8:00- start to calm down...I really like to have most lights off by this time. Jagger has a devotion book that we read from every night so this is when we do this. We also read our other books at this time..
8:45- 9:15   The boys are pretty much asleep by this time...and sometimes momma!! ;)
After they are asleep I like to make sure that the floors are swept and any laundry that has not been put up is done.
I also spend this time blogging or hanging out with Matthew!!
10:30-I better be asleep by this time!! I really like to be asleep before this time, but this is my turn into a pumpkin time! LOL

Well there you have it! A day in my life! It gets crazy and sometimes I think I am going to run my legs off , but it works for our family!
Do you have a daily routine/schedule you follow, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
Hope you have a great day!
Lots of love

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  1. I just got winded reading this. Wowza girl, you are so busy!