Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts!

2 days in a ROW!! Whoooo!! Watch out blogland Megan is back! ;) Better not get ahead of myself. Moving on to better things....what's going on in my head!

*Hudson has been going to Mrs. Karen's for almost a full month and he is still throwing a fit like you have never seen before. I'm talking like psycho , crazy, loosing his mind fit..It is amazing....he screams, yells, kicks, hits, and then apparently the minute or so after I leave he is fine!!!! He has great days, so I don't understand this craziness. It has become comical the way he acts because I know it is just a show but it is getting annoying!

*Reading! What's reading??? I have not read a book since I started work. I am attempting to read To Kill A Mockingbird but I am only on page 22. It has taken me 3 weeks to get this far!

*I thought I was ocd before I began working....well it has been cranked up a few notches!! Our routine, cleaning (lysol/lysol wipes/ germx-stock pile!), cooking, etc....saving this for a whole post by itself!! Can't wait to share my daily routine with you. Matthew thinks I am insane! ;)

*Being in the school system has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I have left work in tears several days because my heart hurts for these kids and what they go home to. I pray everyday that I would be a light to these kids and show them what LOVE is!

*When will my body get adjusted to this?? Seriously in bed around 8:30 or 9!! This can't happen when the new shows come on! ;)

*Jagger LOVES first grade!!! We have one happy boy!

*I am ready to see my momma this weekend!! ;) My cousin Joseph is getting married this weekend and we are super excited!!

Hope everyone has a super blessed day!
Lots of love!


  1. My oldest son was totally like that....and he even started wetting his pants because he knew I would come get him!! Thankfully I caught on fast. I totally think I would be the same way if I was working at the school...those are definitely the sweet babies I'm drawn to most!

  2. I totally wish I had more time to read! Can't wait to see your daily routine!

  3. I would imagine our routines may be similar. I work in the school system and am a germaphobe...nothing is safe from Clorox wipes, soap, and hot water around me. And I totally get you when you say you heart breaks for some of the kids. I haven't totally caught up but if you are in elementary school I can so understand. I'm mainly high school so I see it too just in a different life stage. It can cut like a knife. Pray, smile, and just listen when they talk that's all I can pass along! xo Amanda