Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Fall Y'all!

Well I don't know about where you live, but here it is officially fall!! The reason I am claiming that fall is officially here is that this week is our county fair! Yes, I said Fair! This word makes people go crazy especially kids! I have got most of our Fall/Halloween decorations out. I am not typically one to decorate for Halloween, but Jagger loves it so much that I have started getting decorations for it!
It's a working progress, but we are getting there...I still want to add more pumpkins and a few other things! 

 We love this phone because it rings and then an scary voice answers the phone! The kids love it! 
 This picture of Jagger is one of my ALL time favorites! 
 Our black crow in the cage!! He is pretty cool! 
 Last year after a doctors appointment we had to stop at Walgreens and we stumbled across this guy that we couldn't live without...."Country Skeleton"..he plays the banjo! 
Waiting on the parade!! My baby boy is growing up so fast! 
 I love this picture because of the movie theater in the background!
 Hello Firetruck...Hello police...Hello boy...hello man..hello people! Hudson waved and said hello to everyone! 

 Testing out some of the rides!

 I am so happy that Fall is finally here! So many great things on our fall bucket list! I can't wait to share our list with you, but right now I am going to cuddle with two sweet boys! ;)
Have a blessed night!!
Lots of love...

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