Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap: #FowlerForever

This weekend was so special to our family! My cousin Joseph got married to the sweetest most precious person you will ever meet, Haley! I am so so so excited that she is part of our family! Lots of happy tears were shed this weekend! Joseph and Haley- we love you and are so happy that we could be part of your special day!
 Yes...Hudson had a blast playing in the dirt!! ;) 

 Bennie and her boys!
 Jagger loves to photo bomb! 
 Aunt Brenda, Joseph and Haley!! 
 My Aunt Brenda is one special lady to me! She has always been there for me during good times and bad!! Love her so much!
 My two awesome cousins!! We grew up together and have so many great memories!
 What do you do when you are waiting??? Selfies of course! 

Pop is not really into selfies! LOL!!

Hope you have a super day!! Lots of love..

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