Saturday, October 8, 2011


Oh my goodness..I am exhausted! We just got home from the farm! We have spent all day out there helping out! One of the farm hands did not show up so Matthew went out to run one of the tractors! I helped Betty pick up cotton and get the modules ready! and Jagger just ran around with all of us! Part of the time he was with Matthew..then he got bored and went to ride the tractor with Pa Don and then when he got tired of that he followed Grandma around! We were all covered in dirt...the tub had a huge dirt ring when we got out! ;)
I have so much to recap on! I didn't realize how fast the last few days have been..The time has just gotten away from me!
Thursday- got up at 5:30am..We were going out of town to go to the Popsicle consignment sale! It is about a 45 minute drive from our driveway to Denise's driveway! Our plan was to be at Denise's house at 8 so we could go eat breakfast before going to the sale! I made it to her house about 7:55! Jagger, Denise, Candice and Me loaded up and headed to breakfast! I had eggs, sausage, biscuit and chocolate gravy! Yummo! ;) After breakfast, we went to the consignment sale! If you have never been to one of these..its insane! -in a good way! Its in a huge building and tons of sellers bring in their stuff to sell! Its all childrens stuff...clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, bedding - pretty much anything! When we first get there, we split up..I got looking for Jagger and Denise goes to the girls and looks for her granddaughter! and there are tons of people there so you have to fight the madness! I hardly ever find anything because boys stuff is never that good! I am also picky about what I buy! I am not going to buy a Target brand shirt for $3 when I can go get a brand new one with no spots or stains for $ I really look at the items and see if I am getting a good deal! This time I found several things for Jagger! I got him a brown leather bomber jacket for $15..It was baby gap brand and in perfect condition! I also found a tan trench coat for $10 that was from gap! I was super excited! Denise found tons of stuff! They had two arm load full and it was only $75!
When we got done at the sale, we ran to Target to get a few things then headed back home! I was very excited to get back home because I got to go to the real estate office! I really enjoyed getting to go to the office! Now that I have my license and can start selling..I have to get in the office and start learning the "ropes"! I have alot to learn but am still super excited about this great opportunity God has given me! ;)
Friday- Matthew and I have been saying that when I got my license we would start sending Jagger to the daycare for 2 days a week so that I could go work at the office! that it is here we finally decided to introduce it to him! It has made me very nervous because he does not do well without us! but several of the kids from our church go there and Nolen goes there! I had been telling him that we were going to go and look around and see what he thought! After lunch, we went up there and guess what??? He LOVED it!!! He loved seeing Nolen and all the kids! I filled out the paper work and next Friday will be his first day! We are going to start out just going on Friday from 9-12 and then if he likes it and does good we will add another day! So please keep us in your prayers about this! The rest of the day he talked about daycare and how he is ready to go back!
That night after Jagger went to sleep, Matthew and I got to spend time together...which does not happen very often! We watched The Wonder Years!!! I loved this show when I was growing up so it was great to watch it again! It was kind of sad because it brought back alot of memories. After a few episodes, we started watching old music videos (Boyz II Men, Aerosmith, Travis Tritt, - these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head!) on YouTube! We laughed so hard....I love these times we have together! ;) 1:00am came and I was shocked we had sit here that long watching videos! About 10 minutes later..I look over and Matthew is snoring, so I figured it was time for bed! By the time I got everything turned off, I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow! We all slept like babies!

We have had a great weekend! I am glad that Matthew is off on Monday for the holiday! Jagger will really be excited to know his daddy will be home with us!
Please say an extra prayer for me..I am going through a difficult time right now- nothing horrible just not ready to talk about it! (give me a few days and I will)
Hope everyone has had a blessed Saturday!!


  1. Prayers being sent your way friend.

  2. So glad that he liked daycare! And I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend so far! Too bad it's already Monday as I'm writing this...