Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Still Here!!

I know...I know..I was not a good blogger last week! I am not quite sure what happened!!?? It seemed everytime I would sit down to write something would happen and I would have to get it just never got done! We had such a busy week!!!! and it flew by....
I was sad that I didn't do a What I'm Loving Wednesday link but I couldn't get the pictures working and it was late by the time I started working on it so I decided to just not do it and spend time with my family! ;) Wednesday, we spent all day at the farm! Jagger and I went out there about 11 and didn't get home till around 4:30 and that is only because it started raining so that brought the cotton picking to a hault! We were happy and sad to see the rain!
Friday was a very exciting day for us!! It was my first official day to work in the real estate office and it was Jagger's first day at daycare!! I didn't have to be in the office until 1 but I got up early - mainly because I was so nervous about Jagger! He is not one to stay alone with anyone...He is just now getting good at staying with family by himself..let alone someone he doesn't know! All week I have been talking daycare up so that way he would be looking forward to it....I woke him up about 8:30 Friday morning and immediately started telling him we were going to daycare and he was going to have so much fun with his friends! I told him that mommy would be leaving but Grandma Betty would come pick him up right after he ate lunch. He never cried when I was telling him this..He just went along with it like it was going to be ok! He was so excited on the way. We get there and walk in the door and he goes straight to the kids! He knows several of the kids from church so that helps! After about 5 minutes I think it hit him that I would be leaving and he started getting clingy! The lady in charge, Mrs. Holly, was standing with us and finally I ask her if it would be best if I just leave! and of course, she said yes! She said that if he cries it would be ok!! I tell Jagger that I am going to leave but Grandma would come and get him! I gave him a hug and a kiss, then turn to leave! When I almost get to the door, I turn around and he is standing there with his head down and these huge alligator tears!!!!! It was AWFUL!! I walked straight to the car and start bawling! I have never been so heartbroken! that is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done! I cried all the way home..and then came in his bedroom-laid on the floor and cried for a few minutes! After a few minutes of acting silly, I calmed down, got myself together and realized that no matter if I like it or not my little boy is going to grow up! and fast!!!
Instead of sitting at home and thinking about him, I decided to go to the office early! I was so happy I did! It got my mind off of it and it gave me a chance to start learning! I called the daycare to check on him and they said he was doing great! He only cried for alittle bit and then he was ok! and when Grandma Betty went to pick him up he wanted to stay and watch Mickey Mouse!! :)
The real estate office was great! I love it and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me! I know its going to be awesome! I have a lot to learn but I know I can do it!
After we all got home from work, Matthew went to the home football game. I stayed at home and baked cookies for 5th Quarter (our church hosted this at our family life for all the kids to come to after the game..we have food, games, prizes for them!) Jennifer and Nolen came over to help with the cookies and then we went to the church! It was a great turn out! There were lots of kids there! and Jagger had a blast running around! It finally ended around 11:30, so we were exhausted once we got home! We all passed out and probably did not move the whole night!

Today has been a slow day! We have not done anything! This drives Matthew insane.....he thinks if we are not productive then has been a wasted day! I think a break is sometimes nice! We went and ate with Matthews mom and dad then we went to the Elementary School carnival! Jagger loved it...There were people everywhere and he really enjoyed the games! It has been a great day!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!!!

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  1. Poor Jagger! But you've gotta do this for both you and him! I'm glad you had a busy weekend! Hopefully you'll get more blogging in this week :)