Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Weekend!

This weekend has been great! I know it has been Wednesday since I have wrote but we have been one busy family! Matthew left on Thursday night for his "yearly guy bow hunting" trip! Honestly the first year we were married, I was not too thrilled about this whole hunting thing, but now I am glad that he gets to go! He goes hunting and I go shopping! :) Normally, when he goes on this trip we stay with his grandma! Jagger loves getting to "pend" the night at Grandma Betty's! What kid wouldn't?? Its like Disney get tons of sugar and can do anything you want (not everything..but you know what I mean!)
Thursday, Grandma Betty, Jagger, and I drove to Jonesboro to get started on some Christmas shopping! I know it seems alittle early but we like to get started! We got Jagger's santa gift taken care of! The toy store we got it at has layaway, so it was perfect to go in, tell them what we want and then after we left the store they put it in layaway..Jagger never had a clue what he is getting and then I can go back down there and get it! I love Christmas! It is such a wonderful time of the year, but we do things alittle different! I just feel our society gets to wrapped up in "material" stuff at Christmas! We feel like if we don't give our kids 20 presents then they don't have a good Christmas! I do NOT want Jagger to be like this! Me and Matthew do not get Jagger anything execpt a Santa gift! He gets enough from the Grandparents that we just don't feel like we should buy him anything! He gets 1 Santa gift and it is a bigger gift, so we feel that is plenty!
I was so excited because I have been looking for a cute work bag and haven't been able to find one and of course where did I finally find one???? the best place in the world- Target!
and it was only $20!!!! I was super excited! and I found a $10 purse!!

I think I did pretty good! ;)
Friday was super great! Jagger went to Daycare and didn't even cry when I dropped him off! He gave me and a hug and said he would be a good boy! I didn't cry but I had a lump in my throat! :) After I dropped Jagger off I went to the real estate office! I was so busy! I had two listings!!!! The first listing, Lynette went with me to the house and showed me how to do it! It was great! and then when we got back to the office to start putting the paperwork into the computer, I got the call for the 2nd one! I got in the car and went to the house by myself! I was nervous but I think I did pretty good for being alone! I went back to the office and got started on all my work...I was there for quite awhile after we closed trying to get my stuff done! Gigi picked Jagger up from Daycare so it was nice knowing he was taken care of and having a good time!
Saturday- Pa CP came and picked Jagger up that morning and took him out to the Missouri Waterfowl Festival! They went to a petting zoo and watching the Duck Calling Contest! Pa said he had a blast and was so good! Once he brought him back, we loaded up and went to this awesome place called Decor Direct! It is this huge place where you can get all this awesome home decor for hardly nothing! Its one of my favorite places to go! I got several things and Matt's grandma found tons of stuff! She was loving it! Here is one of my favorite things I got!!

and it was only $10!!!!!! wooohooo! I was jumping up and down in the store! ;)
Sunday- Sunday was eventful! I went to the grocery store early to get the groceries for the Casserole creations we were doing at Church! We had lunch and then I had to head up the church! Jen and I got there early to get everything set up for the event! I enjoyed getting to spend some time with Jen and not have to worry about kids! ;) After everyone got there, we got the casseroles put together! It was a great time! When we got finished, I left and went home to see Matthew! We got to visit for about 20 minutes without Jagger! It was nice..we could talk about our weekend and just spend some time together!
Once he got ready, we went and put out my real estate signs!! it was super exciting!

I love my two helpers! They do a great job! ;)
After we finished putting up the was time for Pa's birthday party! Grandma Betty cooked an amazing meal - my favorite...fried porkchops, fried potatoes, macaroni, slaw, white beans, corn, and jalepeno corn bread! IT was AWESOME!! I pretty much made myself sick! Jagger helped Pa blow out his candles on his cake and open presents.

The rest of the night was uneventful! We watched the Cardinals play and then went to bed!!!
Jagger and sweet Ally!

Acting silly!!!

This is the spider he made with Gigi! He was so proud of it!
What did you do this weekend?
Hope everyone has a blessed Monday!!

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  1. Good grief. This was a busy weekend.. hahahah

    I love all the pictures!