Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Seeds...This is the title of the new bible study I started last night! I have been looking forward to this since the Faithful Friends study ended in May! I love Bible Study...I love getting to be around other women and the discussion is always great! ;)
Last night I picked Jennifer up and we headed over to Ms. Donna's house! I picked Jennifer up early so we could do some visiting! We had not talked since Friday so I had to bring her up to speed on the weekend! We get to Ms. Donna's and some of the ladies were already there! We walked in, said our Hellos and found a seat! The study is very different than what most are use to- the workbook is not follow along and  fill-in-the blank. She just gives you scripture and then you go and do your own study with it! I love it...She plants the "seed", then you finish the work! After watching the short video, we started discussing! (my favorite part!) The topic last night was on forgotten! We talked about how at times everyone may feel forgotten but God never forgets us! Some of the questions were...What kind of circumstances cause you to feel forgotten?  How do you react when you feel overlooked?  How would people around you know you have felt forgotten?     I think these kind of questions are great because we have all gone through this. It may not be the same circumstances, but it is always nice to know other women go through this and see how they overcome it!  It is so comforting to me to know that even when we feel everyone has forgotten us, God hasn't! We are so special to him and  this life here is nothing! Its really not even about this life. Everything we do is to prepare for when we will be with him! If you ever come to a time when you feel forgotten, just remember that you are not!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!

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