Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bennie and Poppie!

This weekend Bennie and Poppie came up to stay with us! We have had such an amazing weekend...I was very sad that it was over and they had to go home!
Friday- Friday after Matthew got off work we went over to his mom and dad's house because his sisters had came home for the weekend! Mom and Dad were not going to get here till around midnight so there was no reason for us to sit at home! After supper, Matthews mom and dad took Jagger out to the home football game! It worked out great because while they were at the game, Matthew and I went to the fair to eat dessert ;) and help out at the church booth! It was nice to get to spend some time with Matthew! After the football game, Jagger came out the fair with us. We walked around for awhile and then decided to head home around 10 to get ready for mom and dad! Mom and dad showed up around 11:30 and Jagger was jumping up and down! ;) He was so happy to see them! We stayed up until 1 just visiting! Mom brought Jagger all kinds of John Deere boots, halloween pjs, razorback outfit, razorback nose, and Monkey cupcakes!
aren't they cute!!! they were so yummy! ;)
Saturday- I got up at 6am! I went and laid down with dad and the puppies! The dogs were so happy to be here! Mom came in and laid down with us...(Dad slept on the air mattress and mom wasn't comfortable on it so she ended up on the couch and then the next night they ended up in our bed!) So the three of us, me in the middle, laid there talking and laughing! It was awesome...such a great memory for me! Matthew and Jagger got up alittle while later and we decided we would go eat some breakfast! After breakfast we came home and played in the backyard!

After playing in the yard we took mom and dad to the farm! We stayed at the farm for several hours! The weather was perfect and they really enjoyed watching the cotton pickers! and Jagger had a blast!!!!

After getting super dirty, we all came home and cleaned up so we could go out to the fair and eat some supper!!! Out at the fair we ate until we were about to pop! I told Mom I wish I would have put on my maternity jeans, then I probably would have had more room ;)  Jagger fell asleep once we got out there so we all got to actually enjoy the food without having to fight with him! Once the sun went down, it got really cold outside...we all agreed it was time to come home! We got home, put on our jammies and just hung out!
Sunday- This morning we got up early and drank coffee...Me, mom and dad just visited while Jagger slept - Matthew went to church to play in the band.. when he got home we all went outside and watched Jagger play! It was a great morning! I did miss going to church but I never get to spend time with mom and dad so that was nice! This afternoon we went out the farm and stayed out there all day! I love getting to be at the farm! We finally got home around 7:30..We were all completely cover in dirt, but it was a great time!

I thank God so much for blessing me with such an amazing family! He has given me loving parents and has allowed me to be apart of my husbands awesome family! I feel so blessed!
Well, this wonderful weekend has worn us out! Its time for bed!
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!!!!!

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  1. I heart you and your family! And love all of these adorable pictures of Jagger :) And I want to eat not one, but all of those monkey cupcakes please!