Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pretty Boring!!

I have not posted in awhile and I am not sure if it is because we have had a pretty boring life  the last few days or I just don't know what to write about! It maybe a combination!! I am trying to think of what we have done this last week! I did take Jagger back  to the allergist for a checkup! He is doing OK. He started scratching again so they have switched his medicine! I am hoping this helps!! I hate that he just walks around scratching! I also went to the doctor! I had a double sinus infection and sinusitis??? Yes..I have major sinus issues! I was so sick...I thought I was dying! That is pretty much all that has been going on around here!!
Yesterday, Grandma Betty got the pool almost opened! The guys came and took the cover off and started cleaning it! Of course, we had to go over and Jagger had to get down on the steps!! He was so excited! They are suppose to have it finished Friday, so I am thinking this little boy will be swimming this weekend when we get back! I am excited because we are going to mom's this weekend! I am glad that we are going to see her on Mother's Day!
Do you have plans for Mothers Day?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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  1. I actually just asked my mom what she wanted to do for mother's day this morning. It's TBD. Glad the pool is in the process of being opened though :)