Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer is here!!!

Jagger has been asking Matthew and I every week since Easter if it is summer yet? Well, Grandma Betty has had her pool open for about 2 weeks now and the other day he ask if it was summer and I told Matthew since it has been very hot outside and we have pretty much been swimming everyday all ready we can go ahead and say its summer!! When I answered yes to his question, you would have thought Santa came!! He was jumping up and down! What can I say? We LOVE summer here at the Cohn house. We handle heat a lot better than cold!! I love how exciting summer is! The atmosphere in our town is happy! All the kids are getting out of school. The ball park is busy. There is talk of vacations.. Just all the good stuff! And I'm very excited, I finally found two swimsuits!! Thank you Target! Honestly I have not felt this good in a swimsuit since before I had Jagger! So we are trying to decide if we are going on vacation again this year!! I think we probably will, but we are just needing to figure out what we want to do!! I'm hoping beach! I really don't see us doing anything else! Flash forward to September, and I see us laying on the beach and Jagger digging in the sand with his John Deere tractors! Sounds perfect! But until then we will just enjoy the pool and lake! What do you do to enjoy the summer? Hope you have had a blessed day!!!

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