Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots Of Catching UP!

My heart is completely melting right now because Jagger is sitting here beside me telling me that he is going to have a baby brother and baby sister! He is telling me that their names will be Cutie and Cutie Pie! He is telling me he will be the best big brother, he will give them his toys, and he will save them from rangers (Strangers..he just calls them Rangers!) and no I am not pregnant! I am going to my new doctor in June so hopefully we will start trying after that!!  I love my Jagger so much and he is so sweet that it melts my heart everyday! I pray to God that he stays this way even when he is older!
So anyways, the last few days we have been super busy! I have not even had a chance to sit down and upload the pictures I have taken! It has been good madness!
Friday night, the hubby and I went to the Chamber of Commerce banquet! It was so awesome! They had tons of amazing food! It was several tables with different themed food at each one! All the food was something that associated with our city! I loved it...lots of Southern food!!!!! I about made myself sick! I loved getting to visit with everyone! They also had a photo booth, which I LOVED!!!
My husband is the best!! Love him so much!

This makes me laugh!!
Saturday- Birthday Party! Denise's granddaughter, Weslyn had her 2nd birthday party! It was outdoors at a big forest/park! They rented a big pavilion and had a blow up jumpy castle for the kids! This place has a big lake that goes around the whole park so Jagger and Matthew loved getting to see all the ducks! It was great!
I love giving FUN gifts! The sand pale had a bathing suit, towel, sippy cute, bubbles, and sunglasses!!

He had a blast!

watching the ducks!

having fun!

Jagger and Weslyn! She is so sweet!

Jagger saw this and said Mommy you are with my Nise!!
We always have to do a Prom pose!
Sunday- I felt HORRIBLE on Sunday! At church, I started feeling dizzy and light headed! I left and by the time I got home I had body aches and fever! I took some medicine and about 2 hours later I felt better. I ate lunch and then after that it came back! I took a nap and started feeling better again! I am not sure what happened to me but I am glad that it did not last any longer! :)
Monday- Jennifer and I took the boys to the Memphis Zoo! It was awesome! We had the best day and the boys had such a good time!
Walking in!!! They were excited!

I thought this was so cute!!!

going into dino exhibit!

Love my boy!

not sure about the dinos!

hahaha..i had too!!

they looked so real...they growled, spit and moved! It was kind of scary!

This one was insane! I thought it was too much for little ones...

getting to pet a baby trex!

just thought it was cute!! I think it said Queen of Memphis!


Our friend at lunch!

silly face!!

Today has been a great day also! Jagger went to daycare this morning. When I picked him up we came home and went for a walk! I put him in the stroller and I think we did about 2.5 miles! When we got home we went and watched Pa Don plant cotton! When Matthew got home from work, we ended up walking again! We did another 2 miles..so I was very happy to get exercise in today!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!!


  1. Sooooo.....are you pregnant?! Just judging by the first of the post-----but if so, congrats!! :) If not, this will be a bit awkward haha! ;)

  2. MEGAN! Last photo.. I've sat RIGHT THERE.

    The Memphis Zoo is an hour and half away from me. Maybe one day we can meet up there! You bring J and I'll bring my J! :)

  3. You are such a cute little family! I love that Jagger wants to be a big brother :) Very cute!