Monday, August 27, 2012

Gummy Bears!!

So this picture makes my mouth water for gummy bears as I type! ;) This is all I have been craving like a MAD person! On the way to the football game the other night, I was craving them so bad I had Matthew stop at the gas station and guess what? they didn't have them! They had gummy bears and Matthew kept asking why I couldn't eat those!!! Those other gummy bears are different! They are not the same as these! :) Isn't it weird when you get a pregnancy craving, you can't do anything until you satisfy the craving! I now have several bags accessible at all times - purse, car, cabinet, candy bowl, etc. For those of you that have been there, what did you crave? With Jagger, I craved old school Kraft macaroni. Yes, the powder kind! and then those nasty little chocolate donuts that come lined up in a plastic wrapping at the gas station! The most random stuff at the most random time! ok..enough about that....I am super excited because tonight when Jagger ask for his snack he wanted a BANANA!!!! I was about to fall in the floor! If you know my child he only eats meat, potatoes, bread and nutella! He does not do the fruit or vege thing! It drives me insane, but he gets it from his daddy! but I have been very proud of both of them! They are starting to try a few new things! I am not giving up hope on them yet!
Today has been a great day! We got a sprinkle of rain! I was very excited and Jagger kept asking me why I was happy about rain!! Kids don't understand! We went grocery shopping and Jagger did not ask for a toy or throw a hissy when I said no!This was a huge turning point!  I also showed a house tonight! The showing we went very well but I am trying not to get my hopes up until they show up with money or sign on the dotted line!
Well my boys are asleep so I am going to take advantage and do some reading!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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