Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sand and Sun!!!

This is our first full day at the beach and we are having a BLAST!!! Mornings at the beach are my favorite. I got up around 6:15 this morning! I laid in bed for a little bit just enjoying my time! I finally got up around 6:45 to get my cup of coffee! Once my coffee was ready it was just coffee, bible, and myself enjoying a GORGEOUS view on our patio! I absolutely love having my bible study time outside on the patio while watching the waves and of course my friends, the dolphins! This morning they were jumping and playing! One even came up near the shore! It was awesome!
Finally around 8:30 everyone started getting up and eating breakfast! After breakfast it was beach time!! The water is so clear and Jagger loves the waves! He will run and jump into them! He even swims under the waves! It is very impressive! I am a scaredy cat when it comes to the ocean! Well not really a scaredy cat but just a little nervous! I am constantly looking around for fish and other creatures! Matthews family laugh at me! And today while they were laughing at me I saw a sting ray!!! Yes a real sting ray! I didn't get in the water too much after that! Gigi taught Jagger to boogie board today!! It is precious! We laid out and built sand castles until we couldn't handle it anymore! Lunch was a quick sandwich and way to make Jagger rest then it was back out again! The afternoon was nice! We saw more dolphins and watched Jagger ride the waves! Around 5, a storm started to roll in so everyone decide to come in! Once we were ready it was time for food!!! My second favorite part!!!! We are all HUGE seafood eaters so we are taking advantage! Tonight I had a very yummy shrimp po boy!! The shrimp was amazing! Now a few hours later, after getting our bellies full we are watching Usain Bolt run in the Olympics!!! Olympics, Beach,Family, FRESH seafood....God is good!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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