Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Days of Vacation!!

So I had completely intended on blogging everyday while we were on vacation but as you can see that did not happen! The last couple of days we were so busy trying to enjoy each minute that I didn't want to take the time to blog! I am not going to go into full blown detail of the last few days but I am going to hit the major points! mainly for our memories!!!
Wednesday- best part of the day..Donuts for breakfast! :) I can not even tell you the last time I had a donut but trust me I enjoyed these! They were just plain glazed but they were warm and just melted in your mouth! Oh my!!! The waves were bigger on this day which was great because that is about the only way this girl gets in the water! I do love waves, but on this day I got my fill! The family finally drug me out into the water after I sat there and watched them have a blast!! I was on a raft with Jagger and the waves were pretty big..well as you may not know I am not the best swimmer so here I already nervous about being in the ocean and then add big waves on top of that! Not a good combo! I normally hang on to Matthew but everyone kept telling me to relax and it would be ok! The next thing I know a huge wave came and I tried to keep Jagger from falling off! All I could taste was blood...I wasn't sure what happen but the blood and pain was there! Apparently Jagger's head hit me in the lip and it busted my lip was bloody!!! and mixed with salt water! Gross! My lip immediately swelled up like I had botox! It was not funny when it happened but after we got a good laugh!  We got out pretty early that day and by lunch it was already brewing up a storm! We went out for lunch that day because of the storm and when we came back we went back to beach! We saw a really awesome water spout! It was so cool! For supper, we went out and then had ice cream for dessert! That night Matthew and I went out and sat out under the stars for awhile! It was perfect! We saw shooting stars and just enjoyed time together!
Thursday- The waves were even bigger this day!!! We got Jagger a boat so he could ride the waves, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever! It was worth the $10 we spent! By 11:30 it was starting to rain so we loaded up and went inside! We enjoyed a lunch at the condo then went back out for awhile! We came in early this day because we had decided to do family pics that evening! I am so glad we did because they turned out gorgeous!!! It was overcast but it made for great pictures!
Friday- We stayed out ALL day long! I was really sad on this day because I knew it was the last day! I got everything loaded and packed that night because we had decided to get up and leave at 5:30 the next morning!
Saturday- Not a fun day!!! We were on the road for 10 hours! It was not cool!!! but we were glad to be home!
Our trip was a blast and we made so many great memories!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

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