Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sun Tan!!!

Day 3 and I'm loving my tan!!! Oh and by the way sorry for the spelling mistakes and no pictures! I didn't bring my computer so all this is done on the iPad. It is very frustrating to blog on here because there is no spell check and its hard to click on mistakes to change them so just bare with me and know that I'm not meaning too! Also, all the posts are a day behind! I would do them at night but we are so tired and normally there is no down time! So today I am writing about yesterday!! I know I am weird! This was the first morning I slept in and I LOVED it! For some reason I am sleeping like a baby here! It's amazing! We played on the beach all morning! Jagger is still impressing everyone with all of his swimming skills! At lunch we decided to go out! Normally we eat at the condo but Pa and GIgi found a really cool place on their morning drive! The place is called Fisherman's Corner. We knew it was going to be good because it is just a hole in the wall! It would probably scare most people off from looking at it! But the inside is awesome! And the food was heavenly! It's the best we have had! I got the shrimp and grits! The man said it is what they are famous for! And I can see why! They take the grits, mix them with smoked gouda cheese then deep fry them! The favors just explode in your mouth! After lunch, we just hung out and enjoyed the beach! Supper consisted of fried shrimp and all you can eat steamed shrimp! Can we say yummy??? When we got back to condo we went back to the beach! Jagger had so much running in the waves!! The weather was so nice because the breeze off the ocean!!
Well i better get off here so we can head back to the beach!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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