Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decorations!

Christmas Decorations is one of my favorite things! Being an only, mom and dad always went over the top with Christmas. We loved having decorations in every room and then dad always did lights outside! There is just something so exciting about Christmas and the decorations..I can't get enough of them and then I get extremely overwhelmed because I want it all! I promise there is not one thing I see I don't want! ;) This year I have not bought one decoration but I have bought ornaments. I am thinking at this rate I am going to need another tree next year! When Matthew and I first got married, I thought we would do everything snowman. Well...that lasted one year! Now we really don't have a theme. As I sit here in my living room and look around, we have a big Santa in the floor, a Snowman in our entry way, nativity scenes, reindeer, Christmas village, various tree statues bought at Hobby Lobby and then of course all my peacock stuff that has been transformed into Christmas stuff! :) So basically, we have just hodge podge of stuff! I would like to start collecting the Jim Shore Christmas Santas, and then there are several nativity scenes that I will be stalking after Christmas hoping to find them on sale!! I went through the house and took pictures of some of my favorite Christmas decorations we have......enjoy!
This is one of my top favorite things!!! It is a ceramic tree that was my Great Granny's! I get so excited every year when it is time to get it out of the box! It is super special!

Please excuse the fish food in the picture.....but this is probably my TOP favorite thing....Jagger made this last year and I think it is precious!

This plate also means so much to me and I know these hand made things will mean even more the older he gets!

Winter Wonderland hand painted sign on a piece of wood! I have this in my entry way! I think it is super festive!

This is a piece of art made out of paint color samples, ribbon, and buttons! It is super cool!
and I love my trees but I am saving that for another post! I can't give it all to you at one time! ;)
So what are you favorite Christmas decorations?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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