Sunday, November 18, 2012


This weekend I got to do something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl!!!! I got to go to Graceland! I have not been so excited to do something in....I can't even remember when! I have always been a big fan of Elvis..I mean come on my little boys middle name is Preslee- I know its spelled different but we all know its after the "King" himself! :)We left early Saturday morning so that we could get there when the gates opened! When we finally got there and pulled into the parking lot I was about to jump out of my seat! I know my husband thinks I am insane! I just have been wanting to do this for years! I love how as soon as you walk in the entrance all you hear is Elvis music and there are tons of people in their Elvis get-up. You could for sure tell who were the die hard fans and just the normal people coming to check it out! The older ladies that had on the Elvis shirt, coat, and purse were the ones that I enjoyed the most! As we were waiting on our tour bus to take us over to the house, I found the guestbook...I was shocked to see where people had come from! All over the world, and when I say all over the world I mean it! Australia, Austria, Canada, Russia, New Jersery, Washington, Mexico, Russia basically everywhere! This just amazes me..It shows you how much influence he had and how he his music has touched so many! It was finally time for our turn to get on the bus! They give you these head phones to put on during the tour. When we got to the house I was almost overwhelmed trying to take everything in. When you walk through the front door, its almost like you are taken back in time! It is the coolest thing ever...I just would stand in each room and soak it in! I loved all the decorations and can't imagine how much went on in this house! I really enjoyed all the family portraits! The tour took us about 2 hours and by this time Jagger and Matthew had had all they could handle! I probably could have stayed longer but I knew they were tired and hungry! I will definitely be returning to Graceland! I think the next time I go I will not be so overwhelmed! Even if you are not an Elvis fan, it is truly something to see! ;)
Jagger as always added laughter to the trip! Friday we were at the church working and here is the conversation between Jagger and Mrs. Janet....
Mrs. Janet: Jagger I hear you are going to see Elvis tomorrow!
Jagger: No I'm not!
Mrs. Janet: You're not? Well your momma tells me you are going to see Elvis tomorrow in Memphis?
Jagger: No.......and he runs over to me
Jagger: Mommy, are we going to Heaven tomorrow to see Elvis????
Me: NO...we are going to Memphis to see his house! :)
hahahah..we have cracked up over this because we have no idea how he knows Elvis is in Heaven but he knew that he was not in Memphis! ;) I love the mind of a 3 year old!
Well I have to ask.. Are you an Elvis fan? and if so have you been to Graceland?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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  1. Miss Meggie, I want to go. I have never gone. Gene and I were going to go. He had been and loved it. I love Elvis and always have. I have plates, jacket, watch, sneakers, driver's license, records, pictures, etc. Matthew can watch Jagger. LOL!