Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Officially Here.....

.....The Holidays that is! I just can not believe Thanksgiving is next week! I feel like this year has flown by, but this is definatly my favorite time of the year! I try and savor every minute of every day until Jan. 1st! I love everything about the Holidays starting with Thanksgiving.
Last weekend, we went to Lil Bit of Christmas which is the huge Craft bazaar in this area! I feel like it is kind of the "kick off" for the holiday season. It really puts you in the spirit! Christmas music is playing, Santa is there for the kids, and there are tons of Christmas decorations! Jagger was so excited about seeing Santa! He got on Santa's lap and told him he wanted a green motorcycle! Well, Santa then told Jagger that he drove a grey motorcycle. This made Jagger so excited....He told Santa that his poppa worked on motorcycles and Santa ask Jagger for his poppa's phone number! They were quite the match! After we got done, Grandma Betty ask Jagger about Santa and his response was, "Me and Santa are best friends"!!!! Now Jagger is wanting me to write Santa and tell him Poppa's phone number so pop can work on Santa's motorcycle! ;)
I have been saying all along that I was not going to do any Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving. I had to decorate so early last year for the tour of homes and plus I really feel like sometimes Thanksgiving just gets over looked! I want Jagger to know what Thanksgiving is all about..We just go straight from Halloween to Christmas! Well guess what??? Jagger talked me into to putting up his small tree in his room and part of our Christmas village?? We have both been so excited about putting up our trees but I am really not going to put up the big ones until next week! I do have all my ornaments laid out in the spare room admiring them! :) i love Christmas ornaments! They make me super happy! I almost get overwhelmed because I want them all and we are running out of room on our two trees! I guess i could just buy another tree and fill it up!
Tonight we had our women's bible study potluck/dirty Santa ornament exchange! Let me tell you that these women have no MERCY!!! Momma, based on tonight, I think the other ladies would agree you raised me well! :) ! I normally find the ones I like, find out where they come from and just go buy it for myself! But i guess that is no fun huh? I laughed so hard tonight at these ladies and I am so happy to be apart of such a wonderful group of women! I love that we can all laugh and have fun together! I am truly blessed! I feel like after tonight we are busy every weekend until Christmas! And this week is Breaking Dawn part 2 midnight premier! Yes..  I will be there but thankfully not at midnight! The theater we go to has a 10 o'clock show!! This is perfect for this pregnant girl because I can go and still get home before 2am!
So are you ready for the Holidays?
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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