Thursday, November 1, 2012

Travel, Family, Football, Sick, and Halloween!

Yes, We are still here!! but it has been CRAZY!!! I know you are wondering what in the world the title of this post is talking about, but basically it is the last several days in a nutshell! Friday morning, Jagger and I left with Grandma and Pa Don to drive to Columbia (5 hours) for Mizzou's Homecoming! We were very excited because almost everyone in the family were going to be there! Matthew backed out at the last minute but I think it was for the best because he probably would not have had any fun! I think he enjoyed his alone time! :) So Friday around 10am, they picked Jagger and I up and we started out on our journey! Now I have to tell you that when you ride with Grandma and Pa a 5 hour trip can EASILY turn into a 8 hour trip! ;) They enjoy stopping to eat at an actual restaurant and then we stop for bathroom breaks! I had prepared Jagger and myself with lots of movies, games, books and other things! It was not a bad trip and Jagger did awesome! He did not complain one time and the time went by fast! When we got to Columbia, it was so cold! I was so happy that we had packed really warm clothes! We all got to the hotel about the same time and once we got in and put our things in the room we all decided it was time for food! Since it was Homecoming weekend, everything is crowded and people are everywhere. You do not just up and go somewhere! It has to be planned out!
Saturday was when all the festivities were going on but we had already decided ahead of time that we were not even going to attempt the game. There were only 6 of us that did not go and I am glad that we didn't. It was so cold and I do not think Jagger would have fun having to sit still with 60,000 plus people! While the game was going on, Jagger, Gigi, Grandma, Claire and I went to the mall and Toys R Us! Of course, Jagger had a blast! He was in heaven! I mean two grandmas in the same place! After the game, we met up with everyone for supper! We had 18 in our group so trying to get seated and wait for food takes a long time! I think we ended up being in the restaurant almost right at 3 hours! It was crazy but alot of fun! The kids were glad when it was done because they wanted to go swim at the hotel! The kids had a great time swimming until Jagger had a small scary spell! He had got in the hot tub several times and the last time he got in he told me he didn't feel good, so I told him that we would dry off and go upstairs, put our pjs on and wait for the rest of the family! As I was drying him off, he starts screaming and when I say scream I am talking like I am hurting him! At first, I say Jagger come on now we have to dry off but then he starts biting his tongue and going crazy! I pick him up because I know something is not right! Thankfully the rest of the family is there! Grandma and I start trying to get him to calm down and then he start convulsing, biting his tongue, screaming, then he would pass out..He would open his eyes and start all over! IT was so scary! Matthew's Aunt took Jagger and we start running towards the lobby! I am trying to call 911 while we are working with him! and of all things my phone has NO SERVICE!!!!! Yes..seriously! I was in a full blown panic! By the time we got almost to the lobby he came out of it! All I could do was hold him, cry, and pray! (It makes me cry thinking about it!) I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life and I felt so helpless! So come to find out he had a seizure! He was running fever and the hot tub just sent him over the edge!!! I have felt like a horrible mother because I had no clue he was running fever but he never showed any signs of not feeling well!!! Lets just say I did not sleep 30 minutes that night and the next morning in the shower I cried like a baby! God showed me instantly not to take one minute for granted because life can change in a heart beat! You just never know what is going to happen!
The next morning, the whole family got up and ate breakfast! and yes, Jagger was back to his happy self! He ate a great breakfast ( ham and pancakes) and then he did awesome on the way home! We finally got home and he said he was not feeling well! Guess what? 104 fever!! So it was a very long night and next day for us! He finally started feeling better and then I got sick! I know Matthew is probably about ready for a normal feeling family!
Tuesday we spent celebrating Halloween! and so I won't bore you too death I will continue with that on the next one! We had a great Halloween regardless of not feeling 100%!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

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