Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Here!!

Yes, I am still here! We have officially gotten sucked into the "holiday season"! We have been busy busy busy but it makes me Happy Happy Happy (I love Phil on Duck Dynasty!) Well since the last post about Graceland we have basically been with family! On Sunday after we went to Graceland we had our church Thanksgiving meal and the Faithful Friends ornament exchange! It was so fun! I love my church family so much and feel so grateful to be around all of these wonderful people! ;) Monday morning very early, Jagger and I got up and started toward Grandma's! My cousin Teressa and her beautiful daughters, Harley and Emma came home finally-its been almost 2 years! I have missed them so much it makes my heart hurt so I was so excited to get to see them! When we got to Grandma's until we left on Thursday it was just family and food! Is there anything better? We had a blast just getting to spend time with them! When we get around each other we laugh so much we cry! While we were there, Jagger got to ride a horse for the first time. He thought it was the coolest thing ever! On Thursday for Thanksgiving I ate way too much, but I do this every year! I didn't really eat dessert it was the extra dressing that put me over the edge! :) I love Thanksgiving food so much. I hate that we only get it one time a year but I guess that makes us like it even more! After eating lunch with my family we drove home to be with Matthew's family! Not only do I love the food on Thanksgiving but I get so excited about the black Friday ad newspaper! This year I did not go out to get anything. We enjoyed the day putting up Christmas decorations and I am so happy we did! I don't think my pregnant self could handle all of it. I have started doing some Christmas shopping! I love picking out gifts for everyone. I spend almost all year coming up with ideas! I always try to find unique things that they would never ask for or even know exists!
So did you go out on Black Friday and if you did, did you get some good deals?

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