Monday, June 3, 2013


So as most everyone knows Hudson is our miracle! It still amazes me at how many times the doctors would tell us how things would go and then our little Hudson would prove them wrong! God is good!! It is amazing how this little guy has changed so much in our lives! 
I love how when a baby is born, for most people it makes you appreciate life! It changes your view on so many things! When Jagger was born I was laying in the hospital bed holding him telling my mom I was sorry for all the times I was mean to her! It instantly hits you when you are holding this precious bundle of joy how much you love them and never want anything to go wrong! I had all these wonderful feelings with Jagger and it has been amazing how with Hudson I have had those feelings but I have never appreciated life more! I think just going through the times when we were not sure what was going to happen and just the fact that we did get to bring him home really makes you see things differently! My feelings towards holidays have changed with Hudson! Having  to spend several big ones in a hospital will make these "special dates" different!  Christmas will never be the same- in a good  way! Its amazing how society has made all these "holidays" and how we have gotten in our minds that its not a holiday if we don't do it certain ways!!! Wrong!! Even after the day ends the sun will come up! My prayer everyday has become that God would help me enjoy the simple things in life! I sit here and watch my two boys and love how simple they are. they don't care what kind of car we drive. They don't care what our furniture looks like it or where it came from. They don't care even what they look like (Jagger had on jeans that were too short, light up shoes -i cant stand!, 3 belts, shirt on backwards and a camo hat and he was the happiest boy in the world!) all they care about is if they have a full belly, and love from parents!!! I really wish we as adults could be like kids! I think God has given us our miracle to show us the simple things, and to help us remember what life is about! I hate that we had to go through all of this but if it makes me a better and stronger person then I would do it again. Now when i say i would do it again i don't want my family to go through all of it, but i do love how God put us through challenges to bring us out stronger on the other side! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love! 

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