Monday, July 22, 2013

Some People!!

Some people will never change!!! It doesn't matter what you do or how you treat them they will never change! Over the last several years there are a few people that I have spent too much time trying to get them to like me or accept me and I have learned its not going to happen! This is one of my major faults. I care too much what people think! The only person that should matter is God. I tell myself this all the time but then it never fails they end up making me cry or cause me to feel not good enough! I realize I don't come from a lot of money or have a lot of money. I realize I don't use proper grammar all the time. I realize I make my kids mind me and do believe in getting on to them!I realize I didn't go to college and finish the right way or wasn't part of a sorority! But all things aside I can honestly say that I feel I am a good person! I LOVE people! I Love to make people smile! I want to help you in any way I can! I can listen when you are down and most importantly I can pray for you! I won't judge you because you aren't always wearing name brand clothes or you don't have your hair fixed! I love to laugh and have a good time and don't require fancy things! I promise if you could ever get past your issues with me and give me a chance you might be pleasantly surprised! But if that doesn't happen then I know it will be ok! I guess in life you can't make everyone like you!!!
I never dreamed I would let these people get to me so bad but I have. I am human. I don't like being hurt and bottom line is we all want to feel accepted! We want to be loved and treated with respect! 
I have had many talks with God and begged him to help me not care about them or what they do but guess what I can't. It is ingrained into who I am to care about people. God truly wants me to care for them even when they don't for me! And its amazing as I sit here and write this I am thinking this is what Jesus would do! He cares even for the people who don't like him!
I am sorry I have gotten off on this soapbox today but it has been on my heart and I needed a way to "release" it!!! This is something I have been dealing with for several years and I know with God I can work through it! So bear with me and I promise I will quit whining about this! 

Update on my kiddos- jagger got sick on Friday and we had to take him to Urgent care! We were very upset because first you hate when your babies are sick and second, we can not let Hudson get sick!! Jagger was and has been running high fever and all kinds of other stuff! Doctor gave us meds and sent us home! We tried our best to keep them separated. Well yesterday Hudson started showing signs of not feeling well! Coughing, not eating, really fussy.... Instantly my heart sank! I know the day will come when he will get sick but I want it to be awhile from now! I called the hospital and doctors and they told us what to watch for. So in between the no sleep because you have to rotate tylenol  and motrin every 2 hours and cleaning  up throw up, to holding the baby all night because he started crying when I laid him down we finally made it to the doctor today and they are treating Hudson for allergies!!! Wooohooo! I can handle this! They ran every test and xray but couldn't find anything! They probably thought I am nuts but better safe than sorry! We have been through too much and I am not taking any chances! Hopefully we can all get some rest tonight!!!!!

Hope everyone had a blessed day! 
Lots of love! 

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