Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where Do You See Yourself!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?? This is a question I remember thinking about many times in high school and I honestly can't believe in May I have been out of high school 10 years! Over the last few months I have looked back on my life to see if its close to what I thought it would be! Some things are and some things are completely different! 
I always wanted to be married to man who grew up in small town! I wanted to be apart of a small town and have my kids grow up in that small town! Check.. that happened! Now I am not going to lie, this town was very hard for me to move into! The first year I cried all the time! I did not feel accepted and really didn't have anywhere to turn except to my mom who lived 3 hours away!! But its amazing how now 5 years later I truly feel this home! I feel this is where God wants us. At least for now!!!
I love my family but grew up with a small one. Just me, mom, dad and my grandma. I always wanted my husbands family to be big and close knit. I wanted my husband to have siblings that I would become best friends with and a mother in law who I was just as close with! Matthew does have a big family and I feel blessed to be part of it!  
Now 10 years ago I did not think that I would be married with kids this soon, but obviously God had other plans for me!! I always saw myself getting through college and having a great job, then getting married and having kids! Wrong....did go to college but not the way I thought... My fancy job= stay at home mom! I NEVER dreamed or thought I would be a stay at home mom!! I really didn't even have that desire. Now...I wouldn't have it any other way! 
I always saw myself involved in church. I never dreamed I would Love a church and church family as much as I do ours! I have really been blessed with Matthew's church! The people in the church are awesome and I always look forward to seeing everyone! I have made some very special relationships being a part of this church! I cant imagine life without it! 
Matthew and I were just talking the other day about 10 years ago, did he think he would be married, have 2 boys and one of them have to spend over 4 months in a hospital! No!!! We never think that! Most of the time what we think we want and where we see ourself is not what God has in mind!! 
So where do I see myself in 10 years??? I really have no idea! Hopefully still being the best stay at home mom I can be! Hopefully watching my boys play sports, attending school functions and teaching them to be awesome followers of Christ! I honestly have no idea what or where we will be in 10 years! Heck for all I know we may be in Heaven with Jesus! But whatever he has in store for us I know it will be awesome and I am going to enjoy every second of it even if its not what I had in mind for myself! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day!! 

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