Monday, July 8, 2013

Can't Sleep!

Geeezzz...its 12:29 and I am still awake! blah! I hate when this happens because I know that very soon little Hudson is going to wake up and need to eat! Should I just stay up or try to sleep for a bit. Honestly I feel better if I just stay up! It's amazing how when your body is asleep it is harder to wake up than if you are up! or at least for me it is! We have had a good weekend and week so far! Nothing exciting going on except that Matthew is on vacation! Jagger is in heaven! He hates when his dad goes to work and we explained to him over and over that daddy has to work so we can have our house and all his toys! His response: we can sell my toys and live in a smaller house! YEAH right???? The minute I start picking up his toys all "you know what" breaks loose! It cracks me up...I don't understand kids. How can they not touch a toy in over a year but the minute you are about to give it away it becomes their favorite toy?? I don't get it! So anyways, Jagger is super pumped about getting to spend every minute with his dad! Me I am excited because my honey do list might get a few things checked off of it! As for Matthew, I am not sure he is really getting to enjoy his vacation like a true vacation! He might be happy to go back to work after this week! :)
I really can't think of much else going on in our world except for piles and piles of laundry, lots of dishes and dust collecting on the furniture that is driving me insane (on my list of to do for the week!) We had an awesome 4th of July! Probably one of the best ones we have had! Jagger loves fireworks! He got to shoot fireworks every night for a week straight! Doesn't get much better than that! I use to love fireworks growing up but for some reason the older I have gotten the less I care for them! Yes, I think they are really pretty but I guess when I know that my money is literally burning up into tiny pieces in the sky, it kind of bothers me! Oh makes Jagger happy so that is all that matters! We also got to spend time with my family! My cousin came in from Georgia! I was so excited about seeing her and her girls! I miss them so much! They loved getting to see Jagger and meet Hudson for the first time!
ok I am finally getting somewhat sleepy!!!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!
Lots of Love

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