Monday, March 3, 2014

Snowed In Again!

Have I mentioned that I am sick of the white stuff on the ground that seems to keep popping up!!????  Normally 1 or 2 snow days is ok but geeez already I am tired of this mess? How many snow/ice days are we going to have? Come on spring and summer! and trust me I will not complain when I am swatting mosquitoes! (maybe I should hold my tongue on this one?) I am more of a fan of spring and fall....I am not really a fan of hot summer because I do not like wearing clothes and when you sweat they stick to you..I am also not a fan of seeing teen girls and women in unflattering clothing/swimsuits! but on the other hand I do not like having to wear layers and layers of clothes..One of my huge pet peeves is when you wear a really warm sweater because its cold outside but you get inside a house or building and sweat because the heat is on...summer example: cute sundress and wedges for date with hot hubby, get to restaurant and freeze tooo death to the point you can't even eat your supper because you are literally using the table cloth as a blanket to keep warm! This is why I am a happy medium girl- fall/spring!
If you have noticed I have kind of been MIA the last several days....well guess what??? sickness hit the Cohn house again! Thursday I took Hudson to the doctor and he tested positive for Strep! Yes...Strep...horrible...Three hours later I was hugging a toilet and trash can..This lasted for 24 hours...Matthew officially became Mr. Mom from Thursday night until Sunday morning. I made it to the doctor Friday morning and he gave me and nice shot which knocked me out in about 15 minutes..I slept for around 12-15 hours. Sunday morning Matthew greeted me with a kiss and these words: "If you ever die on me, I will remarry the next day".... I'm pretty sure his hair was a wrecked and his eyes were blood shot! All I could was laugh...Poor guy! I feel we have had no mercy on sickness this year!! Maybe this is why I am counting down the days to spring and summer like a kid waiting on Santa! I am hoping and praying this sickness packs its bags and leaves with the cold weather!
Our snow day was pretty uneventful..we stayed at Grandma's house and Jagger played outside! Hudson watched out the window and screamed for his brother to come rescue him from the torture of being trapped inside! I kept trying to explain to him that if he went outside he would sink in the snow..he is better off inside with mommy! ;) Boys never understand!
I keep thanking God for a warm home and shelter from all the snow and ice..I think this is something I take for granted...We are truly blessed to have a home and food in our belly! God is good!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love

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