Saturday, January 25, 2014


So over the last year our family has learned that life can change in the blink of an eye! Just when you think everything is going just great- bam it hits and everything hits the fan! 
Ever since Hudson has been in the hospital they drilled into our head over and over, "he can not get rsv", "if he gets rsv he will be back here in stl", "the main goal is to keep him healthy and rsv free", "rsv is so hard and dangerous on preemies.. You get the picture.. Thye basically scared us too death over what could happen if he got rsv! Also they explained to us that Hudson automatically qualifies to recieve the Rsv vaccination because of his prematurity and everything else! So here we leave the hospital with all of this information on rsv, how scary it is and most importantly how we need to try and keep Hudson from getting it!
Fast forward almost a year.... Everyone has been super healthy!! I mean not even a cough! It has been amazing! Even with Jagger being in school, which we thought would be a concern, we have managed to stay germ free and not sick! In November, Hudson started recieving the Rsv vaccination which helps his body build an immune to this certain virus! It is a wonderful vaccine and we are so blessed he gets it!! So we have been getting vaccine, not going anywhere, washing hands like crazy, lysoling everything every night, and everything else trying to keep from anyone in our family getting even a germ. The other night we were about to go to bed and Jagger started coughing..Matthew and I looked at each other because we both knew instantly something was up! Where did this cough come from?? I told him not to worry about was probably just sinus junk! I had just gone to the doctor the day before for a double sinus infection...the next morning we got up and I ask Matthew what he thought about jagger staying   home from school just to rest and maybe keep the cough from turning into anything. He agreed... Well 10 minutes later Jagger woke up and was wanting to go to school.. There went that plan!?? He went to school and had a pretty good day although I had noticed the last couple of days he had been acting so grumpy. The rest of the day went on and the next morning he woke up with snot... I thought oh no where did this come from?? It was pajama day at school so I went ahead and sent him. He had no fever and really wasnt acting any different! I called the doctor and told them what was going on and because of Hudson i would like for them to check him out plus he was having his birthday party the next day and I needed him healthy(everything was bought and I was suppose to decorate that afternoon). They said to bring him after he got out of school. I pick him up at 11 and head to doctor! When he got in the car he just looked pale, and his little eyes looked tired! I already was dreading this visit! We get back and I tell the nurse what is going on... She looks at me and says this does not sound good but we will swab him for Rsv and flu! About 10 minutes later she pokes her head in and starts shaking her head. I knew instantly it was not what I wanted to hear! He was positive for RSV!! My heart sunk and I wanted to throw up right there! All my mind could go to was that Hudson has already been exposed and my big boy has this nasty virus that is not good!!! My brain started racing in a million ways.. What do we do know? We have to seperate them... I need to clean the house and sanitize it.. We have to cancel party.. I have to call everyone, call and make sure they hadnt started cake.. The dr also wanted me to call St Louis and ask them what would be best to do with Hudson and make a plan in case he did get it over the weekend! After we got out of the doctors office ai had developed such a bad headache.. I think just stress and worrying over what we had to do! I knew the only thing i could do was give it to God! After going to him, I instantly felt peace and knew we could deal with whatever came our way! The main goal was getting the boys seperated and Jagger started on meds! 
Here we are tonight and so far we have kept them seperated! Jagger started running a fever this morning and we have managed to keep it down as long as he takes tylenol and motrin! Hudson has been in a super mood and has no clue what is going on as we all sit around making sure he doesn't develop a cough! It makes me so sad having to seperate them because it takes me back to St Louis and having to be away from Jagger! It hurts my heart so bad but I know its best for Hudson's health!
I pray for God's healing on Jagger and also for him to station Angels around Hudson to protect him from this nasty virus that would put him back in the hospital! I also pray for all the other sweet babies that have been testing positive for this virus!! 
Im so ready for spring and summer!!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love..

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