Friday, June 6, 2014


Friends, pals, BFF's, buddies, besties, buds, whatever you may call it we all love to have Friends! Can you imagine a world without friends??? Even the bible talks about friendship...

The older I have gotten friends have come and gone. Life changes and people change. God brings new people in our lives at different times!
Growing up, I remember having BFF's. You couldn't spend 5 minutes away from that person. The sleepovers were always awesome and you were so sad when they were over. There were even times you could talk the parents into one extra night of a sleepover!! and if they said Yes- watch out party time! Time to break out the nail polish, curling irons, movies and junk food!!
Then comes the dreaded middle school/junior high age where you loose friends and gain new ones! but once you get past all works out! I was truly blessed with some of the best friends ever in junior high and high school! We were so close and some of the memories we have together will always be in my heart!
High School graduation comes and its very bittersweet...You know you probably will not be going in the same direction as all of your friends, but you know its time to move forward! College starts and you meet new friends! Most of the friends I had in college are not my closest friends now..I feel like now they were not really "life" friends (if that makes sense)...
Then you get married and everything changes....The older Matthew and I get and the longer we are married the more friendship changes to us! Since we have been married we have been shown time and time who are TRUE friends are. We have been disappointed by several and blessed by many more! Its amazing how God can take away friends you thought you couldn't live without and then replace them with ones you never dreamed you would have but bring you more blessings than ever!
The last two years have opened my eyes to what true friends should be. I feel that a true friend would never take advantage of you whether at work or at home- they will respect your job and home life no matter what. A true friend does not get upset with you when you don't answer a text or phone call immediately- this one has shocked me. I guess its the age we live in where we are so dependant on a phone but I am bad about laying my phone down and not picking it up for hours but this does not bother me..I am typically not answering on purpose I am spending time with my kids or getting stuff done in the house! A true friend understands when you can't hang out because you have other plans or sometimes you just honestly don't feel like it. There are days I just want it to be family!! A true friend brings out the best in you not the worst!
As I am sitting here typing this so much is popping in my head. I know that not only has all this happened to us with friends but we have also changed too. We are so much stronger spiritually than we were and I know that has a lot to do with it. We don't put up with things like we use to. I use to worry so much about upsetting someone but I know that I don't do things on purpose. I am not a mean person and if I do hurt someone its not intentionally..that being said. I am not going to worry and loose sleep over if someone likes me. I know when I lay my head down at night the sun will come up tomorrow and if it doesn't then I will be in Heaven, which is even better!
I can olny hope that my boys and even you all reading this will take a look at your friendships and if they are doing more damage to you than good, causing lots of stress, and most importantly not  bringing honor to God and his kingdom, than it might be time to reevaluate the situation! Matthew and I are beyond blessed with some of the relationships that God has given us, and truly can't imagine our life without them!
So, I have to ask..what does friendship mean to you? Do you have a close group of friends?

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love!

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