Monday, June 9, 2014

Family, Swim and A Sprinkle!

I can't believe its already Monday! This weekend was so fast, but I am beginning to think that is every weekend!
Our weekend started Friday with Bennie and Pop coming up! They got here around 4:00. The original plan was they would come up, we would go eat supper, then go to Jaggers baseball game! We have been looking forward to them coming up because they have not got to see Jagger play ball or swim so they were going to do both in one weekend! BUT around 3, the dark clouds started rolling in! The games got cancelled and we were so bummed... Since the games got canceled it was time for a plan b. We decided to order pizza and just enjoy each others company! We ended eating pizza and then going out for ice cream! As much as we hated having the games canceled I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night.
Bed time has been coming early on Friday night because we have to get up so early for the swim meets! Lets talk about Swim Team..I have never seen Jagger love something so much! I was alittle nervous in the beginning because I was not sure if he would like it or not! He loves to swim but this is a different story and when I say loves to swim I mean loves to swim...He would swim 365 days a year if he could, and he has always been good at it. We have had him in the water since he was 6 months old and he has been swimming on his own since he was 2. He is just a natural swimmer. Me- NO..not a natural swimmer..I can stand and look cute in the pool but swimming, I can do the doggie paddle! He for sure gets it from his daddy!  Matthew was an excellent swimmer and still is!  So anyways..we had to tell him it was not just jumping off the diving board and having a good was work! The first week went by and he was still all smiles! I love watching him swim because its just dimples the whole time! He looks forward to practice everyday and the meets!
Saturday mornings roll around and its time to get up early! Now this is a whole new ball game for my family...early is not something everyone in our house enjoys! I normally am up with Hudson around 5 but Matthew and Jagger no not so much! It takes them a couple of more to start functioning! I have been very pleased with them so far! The drive to the first meet was full of some grumpiness but we survived!
Once we get up we have to throw everything and everyone in the car and off we go.  Thankfully with this meet being in town, if we forgot something we could easily run home and get it. I did not have to worry about packing everything under the sun! We have to be at the meets at 7:45 for warm ups and then the meet starts at 9. Our team is the Killer Whales and I love how we are a true team! Everyone cheers for everyone and each child has tons of encouragement! I can't say I love it enough!
The swim meet got done around 2:30 and we were exhausted! I didn't realize it until we got home but the last hour I got burned!! Next time I will wear sunscreen!
The whole rest of the day I felt like a zombie! We were tired from getting up early and then top that with sun and we were all done!! We did finally manage to get out around 8 o'clock to get a sno cone! That was our nutritious supper! I know..I know...sometimes you just do what you can do!
I am almost positive I was asleep while I was walking down the hall to the bedroom! My whole body fell on the bed and then I woke up to the alarm aka Hudson crying at 4:45 for his bottle! Once Hudson took his bottle he was back asleep and did not wake up until 7:45 and Jagger did not wake up until 9. I was so happy we got to sleep in. I normally don't enjoy missing church but sometimes you have to do whats best for you and your family! I knew sleep was important for our family!
 Once we got up and around it was time to get ready for a baby shower! My good friend Devon is expecting her 2nd little girl and several us decided to "sprinkle" her with love! I thought it was so cute to call it a "sprinkle" instead of a shower!!! The whole theme was sprinkles and it was precious!! I had such a good time visiting with her and everyone else!

Hope everyone has a blessed night
Lots of love!

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