Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Whats Up Wednesday!!

Here is what's up in our world......

*The sun is FINALLY shining here! I can't believe it!

* We were suppose to have ball games every night this week but Monday and Tuesday got rained out so tonight means- PLAY BALL!

* After having sweet Lucy for almost 7 years, I had to make a very hard decision to find her a new home! It was so hard for me but I know it was the best decision. I prayed and prayed and God gave us a wonderful new home for her! I am beyond excited about it! She has a sweet little girl who will love on her 24/7! I just could not give her the lovin she needed and I felt so overwhelmed with the boys and her!  I will always love my sweet Lucy but I know in my heart we made a great decision!

*Don't come to my house right now because I will probably try to sell you something! ;)

*I started exercising again and I am feeling great! Before I had Hudson, I was in the best shape I had been in year! I am just ready to feel good again! The Daniel Plan is very hard here in Kennett! There are many things that we can not get..we would have to make multiple trips to Memphis and I just can't do that! so ...I have decided to fit it to my life! Follow the recipes when I can and when I can't that is ok too!

* Mr. Hudson is starting to develop a major attitude!!! When he doesn't get his way, he will either scream, fall on the floor or try to hit! I can't and wont' have this! but here is the biggie..When Jagger was younger and I was having to discipline, I could just say No and he would instantly stop and get his feelings hurt! Hudson, its a whole new ballgame! When I say No, he smiles and does it anyway! He is going to give us a run for our money! and with him he is almost two but I am looking at a tiny baby! I am not suppose to be getting on to a two year old in the body of a "infant"! Hope this makes sense....bottom line is that he knows what no means and I have to get it under control before its not "cute" anymore!

*I have started watching Revenge again from the beginning! Gosh I love this show!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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