Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Up Wednesday!

Here's whats up in our world.....

* We are finally almost finished with ball! We start tournaments tomorrow and go from there! I am beyond proud of our little team! The boys have come a long way and have shown lots of improvement! Are we the best team? No...but our boys are having a blast! Sounds like a win to me!! ;)

* Hudson is taking several steps and getting more confident about walking!! I think in a few weeks we will officially have a toddler!!

*Everyone has been talking about the book The Fault In Our Stars..I have not been interested because I am not mentally stable enough to handle books/movies like this...I have learned to not even put myself through it because I end up "ugly" crying at random times just thinking about the movie or book. I will go into a binge eating and its just all together not good! BUT everyone keeps talking about this book so I decided what tha hey, I will give it a try....Kindle has it for 4.99..If I begin reading it and start slipping into depression I will stop! ;)

*I went into Wal-Mart tonight for bread and came out with $75 worth of stuff! Please tell me how this happens??

*I am going on a week of exercising and I am determined to start feeling good again!!

* I am sick of medical bills (sigh)  they are never ending..I told Matthew today that maybe I should sell a kidney!

Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!!
Lots of love...

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