Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday- First Time at Beach!

It's time for Throwback Thursday!! I am linking up with The Mom Creative for this series! I enjoy getting to see all the Throwbacks!

My Throwback this week is my first trip to the beach ever!! I called mom today to ask her what year it was that we went. We are thinking around 6th grade so I'm guessing 14 years ago! Wow...My Nana lived in Tampa so my mom and I went with her!
We drove from Arkansas to Florida and I don't remember a lot about the trip. I do remember getting to Atlanta and thinking it was the coolest place ever! I really think it was the first time I had ever been anywhere out of the state...When I saw Hard Rock CafĂ© in downtown Atlanta, I was beyond excited! I took so many pictures of buildings! hahahah...I lived a sheltered life..we didn't go many places so when I did, it didn't take much to get me excited!
I am not sure where we spent the night but the next day we finished the drive. I also remember that was the year the wildfires were so bad. The smoke we drove through was horrible!  We finally got there and went straight to the beach! It was amazing! I had never seen the beach or ocean before!
Back to the pictures...I can not stop cracking up looking at them!! The first picture is my mom, me and nana!   Yes, I am wearing a t-shirt with cats all over it!!!!!! and I am wearing a Friends hat with a camera around my neck- a true tourist! My hair at the time was like a box! It was so frizzy and BIG! I am glad I was wearing a hat...I ask mom why in the world did she let me out of the house like that and she said we didn't have flat irons! Poor me!
The second picture is when we first got on the beach! I guess Nana had the camera and was taking pictures of us! If I can tell I am pretty sure that shirt says Daddy's girl! bahahahahah.....I love Throwback pictures!
I do know we had a great trip and I am so glad we have that memory with my Nana! I fell in love with the beach then and its still my favorite place to go!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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