Tuesday, June 10, 2014


What is it about selling stuff that gives you a rush of energy?? or is that just me! ;) Every couple of months or weeks I get in a selling and giving away mood! Matthew always kids that I will be selling him next! I just can't contain myself! I hate clutter and junk..it drives me mad! now that being said, I do keep the important things and the stuff that has meaning, so Matthew can feel safe for now! I normally have an "on going" pile for Helping Hands and the consignment store, but today I started looking at the piles and thought I would throw some of it on Facebook to see what happened! Boom...stuffed started selling! It made me super happy, so I started walking around the house looking for other things to sell! I really hope that I am not sounding weird! Its not that we are desperate for money but I am excited to get the stuff moving and I don't have to wait around for a consignment appointment!
In other news, I am back in reading mode! I have always been a "reader". Reader meaning I can typically finish a book in a day or two. I get obsessed with books! There have been times I am so glued to a book that I end up in the bathroom floor with the door locked and the vent on..when the boys come knocking on the door 15 minutes later my reply is, "I'm ok, my stomach hurts alittle"! Yes, I am making a huge confession here but I am almost positive that Matthew knows when I say this it ultimately means leave me alone for a few more minutes this book is awesome! Ok so that is an extreme situation and doesn't happen often but I will get glued on a book and won't stop. I have to force myself to lay the book down to take care of my family! ;) Summer makes me happy because that is when my friends start reading books and we can discuss them! I hate when I try to talk to Matthew about a book and he just stares at me with a blank look..I need someone who has or is reading the book to recap all the drama that goes on! There are a couple of summer reading lists floating on Facebook. I took a look and will for sure be checking into some of the books! Right now I am reading Divergent (teenybopper fast read!), The Scarlet Thread(Christian), and a Christian marriage book!
All this talk about reading has got me ready to read especially since all my boys are counting sheep or as we say in our house counting ducks!
Hope everyone has a blessed night
Lots of love!

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