Friday, September 30, 2011

Pickin' Cotton!!!

I wanted to blog about this last night but when we got home we were exhausted and then this morning I was up at 7:30 getting ready to head out of town, and now I am home trying to rush to get ready for supper with Matthew's family then mom and dad will be here!!
Last night instead of going out to the fair, we decided to go watch Matthews grandpa pick cotton!! Its awesome...its probably one of my favorite things to do around here! I love going out to the farm and watching! Matthew and Jagger rode the cotton picker! Jagger never wants to leave! While the pickers were going, we built a camp fire and roasted hotdogs and had smores! It was the perfect fall night! The only bad thing was that after awhile of being out there my eyes were itching and my nose was running! Stupid sinuses! :) We had a blast and I got some awesome pictures! - can't wait for more nights like this!

Hope everyone has had a blessed Friday! ;)

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