Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well here we are already on the 2nd day of DNow, and I am already gushing over with love/excitement because based on what has already happened God is doing amazing things at First Baptist. I have been a bag of tears since it started last night because it warms my heart to witness God working in these kids AND adults!! I think God does just as much for us adults than the kids! Last night to see everyone in true worship was a beautiful thing! From what I have heard we had over 230 last night at the service and 9 came to Christ!!!! And that is just the first night. I got blessed with an awesome group staying our home! We have 7 high school girls and then 1 college student who is teaching. They are all awesome. I love the laughter that fills the room when you get girls together!! And I was so proud they didn't stay up toooo late. I think by 1230 everyone was asleep! So we are all rested and ready to give our day to the Lord! Please keep this event in your prayers.
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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