Monday, February 13, 2012

Sorta Snow Day!!

Today we had a little snow, rain, and sleet!! It has been so cold all day! I haven't gotten use to the "springy" type weather we have been having and now I am not happy about this winter weather! :)
Jagger and I pretty much stayed in our jammers aka pjs all day!! I was so happy for this! It was one of those much needed days! We even took a cuddly nap together! I am enjoying these as much as I can because I know before I can blink he will be "too cool" for mom!!
Last week we decided to start sponsoring a child through Compassion International. This company is great and I did a lot of research before choosing one. Also, Kelly from Kelly's Korner Went on a mission trip with them just recently, so I knew they were great! So anyways, this is something Matthew and I have been talking about doing for several years but really didn't have the extra money but guess what? Since we did the car deal we can spare the extra money for this! Last week , I started praying about it and once I got on the site I ask God to show us the child that we could sponsor and immediately this precious 5 year old little boy popped on the screen! His name is Victor and he is so sweet! We got all our papers in today and Jagger is so excited! I explained to him what all would happen and now all he talks about is Victor. He is even calling Victor his cousin. Jagger has asks so many questions...where is his mommy and daddy, why don't they have a lot of money, does he have toys, can we send our toys, can he come to our house, can they play together, can they be buddies??? It is precious!! Tonight I have geared up thinking about it because it warms my heart that my 3 year old already has a heart for this! So.. If you ever get interested in sponsoring a child check out the compassion website!
I'm very excited about tomorrow! Jagger is having his valentines day party at daycare and he is really looking forward to it! I had a super cute shirt made for him and we got his valentines ready! I am disappointed in myself, I didn't do anything cute from pinterest! I just went to target and let jagged pick it out! I figure he is so little he could care less what it is.. Now when he gets into school I figure that is when I will start with the crafty stuff! And I'm sure you are wondering if me and my sweety have anything special planned?? The answer is no!! I am not really a valentine fan! I know I am kind of stick in the mud when it comes to this holiday! I feel it's aliitle overrated!
Well I'm going to get off here and read aliitle before bed time! I am reading The Riven by Jerry Jenkins!! I let you know what I think once I get more into it!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!!

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