Monday, February 27, 2012

Lazy Monday!!

Today will be a lazy day for me!! I was so tired yesterday, and last night I slept so hard I woke up sore this morning!! Is that weird or does that happen to you? This weekend was awesome! I am truly blessed that I got to be apart of it! Cody Deese was our speaker for the weekend! He is amazing!!! He has a true gift of teaching the word, and he is hysterical! I am still laughing over some of the things he said! He has a super cute wife, Katie, who is so sweet! We have figured out we have a connection to each other- our birthdays are one day apart! If you ever get a chance to listen to Cody-go for it!! You will not be sorry!!!
So anyways, yesterday after church we stayed all day at Grandma Betty's and when I say all day I mean All day!! We did not leave until around 9:30 last night! We started watching the Oscars and couldn't stop! We were playing a game with all actors and actresses! Everyone would guess their age and then I would look it upon the Ipad! It was cracking me up! My father-in-law was saying his strategy was to look at the women's necks!!He says that is where they show aging! Hahahahha he so funny!
The weather was gorgeous here yesterday so of course my sweet boy wanted to be outside! He played all day until finally he started turning into a child that I do not even know! I swear he went from this sweet child to throwing himself on the ground, flopping like a fish out of water, kicking and whining! Nothing made him happy! He was so tired! I swear it was like he was demon possessed! Isnt it strange how when they get to THAT point of being tired it's like they completely transform into a child you do not know! He ended up falling asleep sitting up in the recliner eating pizza!! He was exhausted!! And he slept good all night!
I am super of my houses is going to be shown today! Keep your fingers crossed that they will love it and want to make an offer!! We could for sure use the money! Since we now have NO car payment(I love saying it and makes it even better since gas is going stupid high!!!) we are going to be putting EVERYTHING towards my school loans and the last credit card we have!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!


  1. Yay for no car payment!! Hope your showing goes well!

  2. Yay! Sounds like a wonderful weekend and day at Grandma's! It's amazing how anyone can hit a breaking point and there's just no return to a calm happy place. Even I get cranky when I'm that tired (like I am right now).