Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Matthew and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! As of last night, we are more than $20,000 out of debt than we were! I know you are asking HOW in the world??? Well....we are now the proud owners of a 2001 Toyota Camry! We got rid of the Terrain. I know you are thinking we are crazy but let me explain!
We have been praying for months for God to provide/or show us a way to get out of debt, and when I mean debt I am saying everything paid off except a house payment! As most of you know, we started with very small steps..such as getting rid of texting (our bill went from about $125.00 a month down to $59 - Yes!! I am proud of that!) and then we got rid of cable (our bill was $107 a month and now all we have is netflix, which is 7.99) so right there we started saving money but instead of paying stuff off we were just putting the money back! We were just going around and around paying minimum payments! A few weeks ago I told Matthew I thought we should down grade on our car! He was like are you serious??? and I told him I felt that if we were truly going to do this then that was our only choice! He said ok we could start looking. I immediately started looking at smaller cars, but everything I was looking at was around $15,000 or more. I told Matthew I didn't even want to mess with that because if we were going to do it I wanted it to be extreme! -something we could pay cash for and not have a car payment! We kept looking but nothing came up, so I told him that we would just pray about and God would take care of it! The next day, Matthew got a phone call at work from a lady at our church telling Matthew that her daughter was wanting to get rid of her car and was wondering if Matthew knew anyone that would want it...He hung up the phone and called me..I was shocked. I told him to call her back and see how much they wanted for it! He calls me back in about 10 minutes and of course it was the amount of money we could pay cash for! I was jumping up and down. I then called Matthew and told him to call the lady back and ask what the daughter was interested in and guess what kind of car she had been looking for?????? If you guessed a Terrain, you guessed right!!!! By the time I got home, I was in tears because God is so good. I could not believe all this happened so smoothly! so now we are driving the Camry. We have sit down and if everything goes as planned, we will have almost everything payed off by the end of the summer! I just can not keep thanking God. He has truly answered a prayer and no he did not just pay everything off but he has more than provided a way for us! and more good news, I closed on my first house yesterday and will hopefully have my 2nd one sold in about 3 weeks. That is money we will have to pay towards debt too!!
We are at Bennie and Poppies visiting today! I am so happy to be here. We have not got to see them since Christmas! Jagger could not wait to get here. He would ask every 15 minutes on the way if we were here yet! It was cracking me up!
Well I am going to get off here and visit with the fam!
Hope everyone has a very blessed day!


  1. That is awesome girl!! God is so amazing and provides for us so well!!

  2. YAY!!! Dave Ramsey would be so proud! We totally did the same & both our cars are paid for. Right now we are throwing everything at students loans as that is the only debt we have left. G

  3. Oh girl! SOOOOOO excited and proud for you!