Friday, February 3, 2012

What A Week!!!

I am so happy that it is Friday! This week has been madness! It has been good madness, so that is a plus! I have been going non-stop since Sunday night!
Monday, I came into work from 9-1. I was super excited about this but this meant I had to get up early and get Jagger to daycare. He was not too happy about that! This is what he now says in the morning, "Mommy, you makin' me upset takin' me to daycare"! hahahah and I just say, " there is not much I can do about it"! That night I had bible study and it was AWESOME!!! I just love Beth Moore and she does such a great job teaching!
Tuesday morning I took Jagger to the doctor at 9am. They told us he had a severe sinus infection-on a scale of 1-10 he was an 8.5! Poor baby!!! We finally figured out why he was so cranky! I also had a new listing scheduled at 3:00pm, so I knew it would be a rushed day! Yes...I said NEW listing! YAY! and one of my old listings is closing on Monday! ;) By the time I got home, we were all so tired and I knew the next day was going to be nuts. This was my week to head the Wednesday night dinner at church. Normally we serve anywhere between 60-130 people! Try planning for that??? It is hard to plan when you really do not know an exact figure! I was super stressed, but I had a wonderful group of women that helped with the meal!
Wednesday- Got up at 6am and did my quite time! I am so grateful for my quite time because I do not think I would have made it through the week without it! Around 8am, Jagger and I came up to the office and did some work. I had to be over at my listing to get pictures and go to the courthouse to get tax card and deed! We finished at the house around 10:30, then we went to Wal-Mart to get groceries. At 12:30, we went up to the church and that is where we stayed until about 7:30 that night. The meal turned out great! I was very pleased! and while all this is going on I was on the phone with customers trying to get a deal worked out with some property! At 8pm, Jagger and I were in bed and I felt like I had been beat up!
Thursday- took Jagger to daycare around 10am so that I could come to office and get some work done. around 12 our office went to eat lunch with my husbands bank! ;) Its very interesting that our jobs go hand in hand! He has really taught me alot! I am thankful to have him to help answer questions! I had to run get Jagger, get home and straighten up the house because at I had to be at a house to show at 4pm, then be back home for Faithful Friends at 6pm..We did not get done at the house until around 5:40, so on the way home I am frantically calling Matthew asking him to do things! I was like a crazy person! I LOVE our Faithful Friends group! It is so nice to be around women that love the Lord, and still lead normal lives! We just always have so much fun when we are with each other! It is always lifts my mood! but I was already in a GREAT mood because my people wanted to put in an offer on the house we looked at! It was just a fantastic day!
and so here I am today counting down the minutes until I am watching Jason Aldean tonight! This is the perfect way to end this busy week! I can't wait! ;) I know we are going to have a blast!
oh and by the way we are buying the Camry and someone is buying our Terrain! We are just in shock how God worked this out. He definitely had his hand in this one! and now we are just excited that we will have NO CAR payment next month! WOW!!!! Totally worth it!
Hope everyone has had a super blessed week and a blessed Friday!

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