Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Time!

Last night, we got back from Bennie and Pop's! We had a really great time! We left on Monday, went by and picked up my Grandma Margie and then drove to mom and dads! I love going but the drive is so boring! I love having Grandma to talk to! Jagger slept most of the way this time, so it worked out nice! When we got there, dad was home! He doesn't work on Monday's so we got to spend some time with him! Jagger was so excited! He LOVES my dad! He just follows him around like a puppy and its just Poppa, Pop, Poppie the whole time! Jagger is constantly asking questions! I think dad enjoys having someone crave his attention! :) My dad had been telling us for some time that he had Jagger a 4wheeler! My dad is all into 4wheelers and motorcycles and thinks that Jagger has to have one! and not a battery powered one and REAL one! Last week, dad told Jagger that he had a 4wheeler for him and that when he came down they would get it out! Well....that is all I have heard about from Jagger! I was glad when we got there so he could finally see it....

The next time we are in town he is getting a helmet, gloves and boots! He is thrilled! I love it because the thing has a cord on the back and if he starts going to fast, dad just pulls the cord and it stops!! While they played with the 4wheeler, I made supper! We had chicken pot pie, corn on the cob, and cucumbers/onions in Italian dressing! It was so yummy! We spent the rest of the night watching Jagger play with the puppies!
Tuesday, we got up and had a pretty lazy morning! Mom and dad have an awesome patio so we just sat out under it most of the morning! After we got finished with lunch, we decided to go to town! We LOVE the consignment stores where they live! They are awesome and we always find something when we go! We also had to run to Wal-Mart and Lowes! At the consignment store, Grandma found several pairs of pants and 2 shirts. I found a pair of shorts and several tops!

I am LOVING colored shorts!
Jagger came out empty handed but I think he has more than plenty!!! While we were out, mom called and said they had an opening to get my hair cut! I was so pumped! My hair has been looking pretty horrible here lately! So I went and got my hair cut! It looks so much better! She got my layers looking good and it just looks so much healthier with all the dead cut off! After my haircut we went to Wal-Mart and Lowes! We decided to have a weenie roast and cook smores for supper! It has been so nice outside we tried to enjoy outdoors as much as we could!
Every time we are there, Pop always says that Jagger doesn't need to be watching these new sissy cartoons. He says he needs to be watching real cartoons, and this is what he is referring to....
So now Jagger is all about Looney Tunes!! That is all we have been watching the last several days! We had such a great time it was hard to leave yesterday!! Jagger for sure didn't want to leave! We got Grandma back home and I was excited because she gave me some tomato, squash, and pepper plants for my garden and she also made Jagger a new John Deere blanket!!
and I am in LOVE...I bought myself a Knockout Rose......its gorgeous!!!

After grandma's we went to Jonesboro to see David and Kim! We were even lazy at their house! I laid out at the pool for awhile and then we just hung out! For supper we went to Fuji's Japanese steakhouse and had a wonderful time! Jagger loves the "fire" and he even ate all of his steak and rice! I was one proud momma! After supper, we ran by Kroger so I could get a few things and then we headed home! We were exhausted by the time we got home! Matthew was very happy to see us! He always misses us while we are gone! I slept so good last night! I love to go but its always nice to come home to your own bed!
I hope everyone has a blessed Thursday!!

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  1. How fun!!

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